Monday, August 31, 2009

Teddy Bear Time

Hi y'all, I am a wee bit nervous because this is my first blog. My name is Charlie Bear. Here I am:

I've lived with my Mommy for at least 17 years. Here is a picture of us in her freshman college dorm room.

Mack and Sally Ann told me they have a blog, and when I ask if I could write;they said yes. Every Monday, they said I can write.

They told me they gave their doggie friends a cute award, and I got jealous. I wanted to send a special award to my fellow teddy bears. After thinking, I know I'm not afraid of doggies;but, some Teddies are because not all doggies are as nice as Sylvie, Mack and Sally Ann. Sylvie was Mommy first doggie.

So here is my Beary special award.

I want my good friends to have this.

Bob T Bear (esq.)'s Diary
Buttons BeCause
Making Wanted
Sir Woodstock's World

I'm in the middle. My moose friend Silky is on the right. George, the paler one, Little brown with the red heart, Buster next to Little brown. Peter is next to Buster, and then there is Mucky. He is Mommy's most favorite moose. He sleeps with Mommy every night.

I wanted to show y'all what I do during the day. I had to sneak to computer now because Mack and Sally Ann are already asleep. I had a good bear nap today, but I'll be in bed asleep very soon.

First we read other bear blogs:

Then we have bear time, so as to talk about the blogs we just read about.

Mack wanted to join in. He is very social.

Finally, we read a book together.

We prefer teddy bear books.

Well, I will see y'all all next Monday.
Grr, Charlie Bear


  1. Hi ya Charlie Bear!
    You are one BIG Teddy Bear! I think you might be as big as our Daniel James Bear. Thanks for the special Teddy Bear award. Look forward to reading your Monday postings.


  2. Good Morning Charlie Bear!

    I am dellighted to make your aquaintance if a little intimidated!
    You are rather a large fellow but I can see with a fine gentle nature.
    It was nice to see you reading to the little ones.

    Thank-you too for the award, I am very pleased to be considered your friend.

    Till next week

  3. OK, you are one big bear! I think you might be Mango sized. I am uncertain if I am happy to meet you or not. I hope you are a friendly bear.


  4. Dude,
    You are one big bear! Are you ever afraid Mack will de-stuff you??

  5. Hmmm...I prefer books about WFTs myself.

    But my favorite bear books are the Paddington ones.


  6. nice to meet you Charlie! we love Bob T. Bear's blog, so we look forward to hearing from you

  7. Hello there Charlie Bear,
    Don't be nervous you are doing great for a first time bear blogger. Thanks ever so much for the Teddy Bear Friendship Award. It is so special.

    Thanks Sally Ann & Mack for allowing Charlie to post on your blog, how beary generous of you to share. Looking forward to Mondays now, I'm sure Charlies post will brighten my day.

    Big bear hugs to you all,

  8. Mack, you Teddy Bear friends seem very nice. We look forward to getting to know them on Mondays...but it was nice to see you, too!

  9. Ahhhh!

    Woo are a khutie!

    I'll be looking furward to next Monday!


  10. I like the Bears and you get stories, we love stories. Charlie seems a big softy.

  11. It's very nice to meet you Charlie Bear. We look forward to getting to know you better.

    Teddy Bear

  12. Charlie Bear, you are so cute! We're looking forward to your monday posts... my momster is a huge fan of teddy bears (much to daddy's dismay) so we're so glad that you can help her indulge her guilty pleasure!

  13. we think you guys would like to play true colours on thursdays with blue
    maybe you will give it a whirl

  14. Hello thewe Chawlie Beaw
    I wead about you on siw Woodstock's bloggie
    It's wondewful to meet such a sweet and loving beaw such as youwself.
    I'm suwe you awe a wondewful fwiend to evewyone at youw house.
    It's so nice to see how you spend youw day.Weading is soo impawtant and youw time spent wif the othew beaws as well as you woofie's is vewy special
    smoochie kisses

  15. Gosh! Wat a large fella yu ar, Charlie! Yu wud be good to cuddol up to in a thunder storm.
    Thank yu for the award!!!


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