Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 reasons for awsomness

Hi y'all. This is Mack. Last week we were nominated by George, Adventures of George The Duck.
So, here we go. Poor Sally Ann has been sad because she wasn't invited to the girl's spa party.
Before we begin, Sally Ann told me I had to post pictures of her in spa wear, so she might be asked to the next party.

Sally Ann in the Teri cloth dress.

Sally Ann in her froggie PJ's.

Please for my sake, do invite her. I've had to console her all day. She can cry a lot. She finally stopped when I told her I would ask online.

Well, here are seven reason why we are awesome. This is hard because Mommy told me bragging is not good. Well, I'll try.

1. We give back to the community:
Sally Ann is a lifeguard.

I am a personal coach.

2. We both fight canine illiteracy by practicing reading every day.

3. Sally Ann helps support canine couture:

4. Sally Ann does well around other Welsh doggies, even girls. That is rare.

5. We are both well behaved (% 90 of the time)

See we are not diving into the pizza, we are waiting;thus, we are well behaved.

6. We keep Mommy safe every night:

7. We are awesome because we are loved by our Mommy.

Now, we must nominate some other blogie friends for this, so here we go:

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Well, I must go. Eskie Power, Mack


  1. You are Awesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Mack and Sally Ann! You left out how CUTE the two of you are! That adds to your awesomeness! And, wow! Sally Ann! You are a lifeguard! Were you at the Doggie Dip pool party last weekend, the one that I went to?

    I'm sorry you are sad about the party. That is the first party I have ever gone to. My friend Lacie and sissie Asta have been trying to help me feel more confident. My first eight years were pretty rough, and I get scared pretty easily. Anyhow, seein' as how a Welshie is close to a Foxie and a Lakie, I'm sure you woulda been welcome. Drop by Lacie's blog and introduce yourself (if you haven't already.) She seems to be the social organizer. I'm certainly not! Though I have to admit that I did like going to the party. Specially cuz Asta was there to lovingly support me.

    You seem like a nice girl. As well as fashionable and well behaved. I'm glad to be getting to know you!

    Your friend,
    Fergi (and Jake) xxoo

  3. You guys are pawesome! My Mommy wants to thank you guys for the well wishes regarding her unemployment. Don't worry, Sally Ann, we hope you'll be invited to the next spa day.

    Teddy Bear

  4. You didn't miss a thing. That spa day looked like a total nightmare. And spending time with Lacie can cause premature deafness.


  5. We hope Sally Ann is feeling a little cheerier. Congrats on the award.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  6. Dear Sally Ann: Do not worry...I do not always get invited to those wirey things either. You and I and the Wonderful Whippets can have our own spa day soon. Let me know what day is good for you. We gots a jacuzzi tub here, lots of mud in the yard, and we can chase Gussie for excercise?

    Teka Toy

  7. Outfits are great nearly as good as Lorenz's. I am sure Lorenza can not swim though, well done.

  8. You are both so cute and super awesome!

  9. I thort I had allreddy left a comment!

  10. You ARE awesome! You and Sally Ann do so much for so many...you are very special indeed!

  11. Oh dear oh dear stop crying stop crying.....TOTAL misunderstanding....Lacie told (OF ALL PEOPLE) Archie to send out the invites and then he got to playing with Scruffy and one thing led to another and BLAM he lost the whole batch.....so they were all rewritten adn LOTS were forgotten and it was a big mess....But rest assured that you will be at the next one!!!! Thank you for the award,I am sure I will have a thousand things to say but I am not too sure of Archie..Love A+A

  12. I think Sally Ann looks awfully pretty in her outfits *blush*.

    I already knew you guys were awesome, but I loved reading your reasons!


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