Monday, September 28, 2009

Taddy's Toss

Hi Y'all this is Charlie.

Taddy likes to play toss with Sally Ann:

She brings it back to him to toss the ball.

Then Charlie will toss it for her:

Mack likes to sit next to Taddy when it's toss time, but Mack doesn't like to catch balls.

Sally Ann loves her tennis Balls. Sometimes, Taddy can't throw them fast enough.

Taddy also fancies himself a bird trainer, but I shall speak about that next week. Thus, the wrist band.

Here she goes, she won't wait for the tennis ball to be thrown.

I must go, Taddy is calling for me to read him his night-night story.
Charlie Bear

Mundane Monday

Hi Y'all it's me Sally Ann.

It's Monday.

Were just laying around.

Mack is doing nothing

Mommy has left us alone, and we have nothing to do.

I wish we could do this. It was so much fun spending time with Mommy. I did not enjoy the swimming, but I did enjoy spending time with Mommy. I shall dream of that day today.

A Bored Welsh girl,
Sally Ann

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Saturday - not quite

Apparently, Mack has been posting and posting, and I feeling a bit left out. So, I ask Mommy if I could post special tonight, just me.

Mack has been resting all day. He had such a fun date, and I was left home alone with Mommy.

I am terribly neglected, aren't I.

Sally Ann

My date, part 2

I was so excited about my date that I forgot to show you the best part. Of course when we were pulling the sled, and Mango as it turns out. We saw some wildlife. We were moving so fast, we couldn't take any pictures. So, Mommy and Sally Ann had to help me show you what animals we saw. Khyra really liked these animals, and she said they reminded her of the animals her Mommy helps by driving them around to their new homes.

A polar bear, and a seal pup.


Friday, September 25, 2009

My date with the wonderful Khyra

Hi Y'all it's me, Mack. I took her on a date tonight. I choose the Pet Jet Northern Dog Adventure. First, I picked up my girlfriend, Khyra. They have a other packages, but I choose the Northern dog package. They have the terrier package, and other packages.

Then,we flew up to Alaska on the super fast pet jet. On the jet we ate. Mommy was not there because I am a big boy, and I wanted to be alone with my date. So, Mommy and Sally Ann had to improvise the next pictures.

On the jet, we ate.

First we had some pasta.

Then we were offered other foods:

We both choose Hamburgers:

Finally we arrived in Alaska, and I surprised my date with the big event. We went dog sledding together.

I had a little help from the everything Husky

Oh, it was so much fun. When we looked back on the sled, guess who was sitting on the sled. He claimed he was trying to get away from a certain lake land terrier.

It was Mango, and he was cold and tired. Apparently, he was so tired, he didn't even notice Khyra's Pantaloons.

Well, Khyra and I wanted to help him. So, we told him we could drop him off at home. So, Mango headed to the jet and took a long rest.

As a part of the Northern Dog Adventure, we got souvenirs so we can remember our adventure.

Some doggies only have pictures from their dates , but we get stuffies to remember ours. If you want a stuffie like ours, go to their website. Aren't we cute!


Finally, when we came back, I was tired;and, I even got Khyra home early for her big husky walk. We did get one picture just before I dropped her off.

Well, after that, I gave her a first date kiss. Again, there was no camera, as I think it not proper. So, Mommy and Sally Ann had to recreate it.

Then, I woke up the sleeping Mastiff on the plane, and headed to his house. I dropped him off with the rest of the food. I think he finished off before he got to the door. In an earlier post, he complained about a lack thereof of food.

A tired Eskie dog,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blue day - Pictures of the color blue

These are the the only blue things I could find.

Mack's blue shorts.

Our blue doggie book.

Me in my blue dress holding my blue pen.

Sally Ann

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi Y'all, This is Sally Ann.




will be going on a pawdate on Friday night.

Mack has special plans for the date. He told me, but I promised not to tell.

I think it has something to do with this:

He also has been wearing one of these:

He even has been going to this website:

Sally Ann

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Flood

Hi Y'all, this is Sally Ann. For two days the phone/Internet/television has been turned off. Personally, I really didn't have a problem with it, but Mommy has been real concerned. She seems real happy now. Again, I don't know why it was a problem, but all is well now. Well, we took lots of pictures of the flood. Lucky us, we did not get any flood in our house, but not all were as lucky as us.

This was the golf course and the street, or river.

Those rocks form a path that goes to the golf course. Oh well, it couldn't be used then.

There ducks swimming in the street, oops, I mean river.

There the ducks.

Look there is a stop sign.

There is a stop sign and a street sign. Mommy said that is not normal.

That was a lot water.

Also, I drew a picture of me and Oskar. Mack suggested I put it on the blog.

Sally Ann

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bob and Betty are comming home

This is Bob, finally, he is coming to his new house tomorrow. He is kinda of a stick in the mud because he wouldn't help move any of his toys.

This is Betty helping by moving her feathers.

First, she had to think about it.

Then, she reached out and decided to take it. Sadly, she couldn't help any more than that because she had to board at the V-E-T- S.

So, all you kitty readers out there. They are coming home tomorrow. I don't think they will be to happy about the house change, but they are leaving the V - E - T - S.

Your Welsh Terrier Friend,
Sally Ann

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sally Ann the pirate

Sally Ann has been supervising the move, so Mommy doesn't have any new photos; but, she did find this online. It could be Sally Ann.

This is where the picture came from, sea above. Ha ha

Happy Pirate day y'all.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday - Kinda

All this week Mommy has been helping Nana move. This was her house on Monday.

This is Betty helping out. On Wednesday, she and Bob went the vets to be boarded until tomorrow.

Finally, they will have a new place to live tomorrow. New carpet, fresh painted walls, and on Monday, they will have new appliances. Moving is hard, very very hard.

Sally Ann

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our gold, or gold looking item

One gold or copper antique Victorian doggie collar which is to big for me and Sally Ann


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swimming Part III

First, I would like to think my Sasha, SASSY SASHA THE LOVABLE SHI...for the Daisy dog award. I would like to nominate for this award.

Piappies World
The 'splorin' Wolfies
The Daily Oskar

Now, here is the rest of our swimming adventure.

We liked being with Mommy

Finally, we came out.

Mommy had to help Sally Ann out of the pool.

Mommy had to encourage us a bit.

Apparently, my bathing suit was comming off, aren't Mommies great to fix things like that.

Mommy said we had to go again

Sally Ann was a bit more ready than I was to get in again.

Off we go again.

We are a bit social.

We had to pose with Mommy.

Well, that's it for our swimming adventure. On Saturday, we will have another one. Oskar and Gussie, Sally Ann and I went to groomers today. So, you to can now dream of a very attractive Welsh Terrier girl.


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Library Cart information

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Hootie's special Valentine for me.
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