Friday, September 25, 2009

My date with the wonderful Khyra

Hi Y'all it's me, Mack. I took her on a date tonight. I choose the Pet Jet Northern Dog Adventure. First, I picked up my girlfriend, Khyra. They have a other packages, but I choose the Northern dog package. They have the terrier package, and other packages.

Then,we flew up to Alaska on the super fast pet jet. On the jet we ate. Mommy was not there because I am a big boy, and I wanted to be alone with my date. So, Mommy and Sally Ann had to improvise the next pictures.

On the jet, we ate.

First we had some pasta.

Then we were offered other foods:

We both choose Hamburgers:

Finally we arrived in Alaska, and I surprised my date with the big event. We went dog sledding together.

I had a little help from the everything Husky

Oh, it was so much fun. When we looked back on the sled, guess who was sitting on the sled. He claimed he was trying to get away from a certain lake land terrier.

It was Mango, and he was cold and tired. Apparently, he was so tired, he didn't even notice Khyra's Pantaloons.

Well, Khyra and I wanted to help him. So, we told him we could drop him off at home. So, Mango headed to the jet and took a long rest.

As a part of the Northern Dog Adventure, we got souvenirs so we can remember our adventure.

Some doggies only have pictures from their dates , but we get stuffies to remember ours. If you want a stuffie like ours, go to their website. Aren't we cute!


Finally, when we came back, I was tired;and, I even got Khyra home early for her big husky walk. We did get one picture just before I dropped her off.

Well, after that, I gave her a first date kiss. Again, there was no camera, as I think it not proper. So, Mommy and Sally Ann had to recreate it.

Then, I woke up the sleeping Mastiff on the plane, and headed to his house. I dropped him off with the rest of the food. I think he finished off before he got to the door. In an earlier post, he complained about a lack thereof of food.

A tired Eskie dog,


  1. It sounds like you had a really fun date, Mack. What a perfect place to take Khyra!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  2. What a wonderful date. I'm so jealous that you went to Alaska. The stuffies are super cute!

    Teddy Bear

  3. he he! I think food is very important to Mango, I mean he has to keep his figure in the manner to which it has become accustomed!

    He is a fine figure of a dog, I would hate to see him go hungry!

    The food looked yummy by the way!

  4. Oh my!

    It was soooo fun! I'm still smiling from all the fun we had!

    It was such a hoot to run into Mango - I'm glad we khould help him out!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo again - and yes, what happened in Alaska stays in Alaska!

  5. Thanks for the lift. I WAS very tired with all that running about. I don't know how you do it! What do you mean I missed Panty Loons? Oh my!

    Where was my head?


  6. Hey Mack
    Don't you know that Khyra and 'Butterscotch' are an item? What's happening mate?

  7. Well you surely have set the bar high. I'm going to have to really wow Sally Ann when I take her out!

  8. Ewwwe! You lucky doggie you! You got to kiss a girl? How was it???

    Oh yeah, and your trip to Alaska was cool too!

    See ya soon,

  9. What girl could resist such a gentleman who knows how to plan and execute a fabulous date! You both seemed to be having fun.

  10. Glad you had a pawesome time with Khyra!
    Sure you were very tired after that!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hi Mack,

    We're happy to hear that you and Khyra had a blast! Such a great date story. The substitute photos are soooo adorable! Weeeee

    - Mocha and the Piappies

  12. What a gentleman. I thought your Mom's improvising was so funny! BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  13. OMG... I came over from Khyra's Khorner... if this isn't the silliest funniest post i've read in a long time! mango on the sled and your last kissy-kissy pix are the BEST!

  14. A date with Khyra - we are very jealous!

  15. Hi Mack, I'm gld your Mom was able to recreate the events for the photo show. Hey, if you take a look at one of my first posts of my bloggy from August 2006, you will see sledding eskies! Yes, SLEDDING eskies, not SHEDDING eskies, however of course they (we) do shed.

  16. what a wonderful date! I'm sure Khyra will want a second one after that!


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