Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elle m'a dit "oui."

She said yes.

I am so excited about the trip to Paris. Mommy said she might even let me take her to Lyon. That is where Mommy lived for two years. We could stay at La Rose. Do you think she would like the crepes in Vieux Lyon?

This is where Mommy lived. She lived just to the left of the Cathedral.

La Tour Rose, is a very nice hotel. The restaurant is amazing. They serve 10 course meals, really 10 courses.

I don't know. I have invested wisely, so I could budget it. I wish for the valentines vacation date to be wonderful.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An invitation

Would you do the honor of accompanying me to Le Jules Verne in Paris, FR on February 14, 2010? It would so delight me if you could go with me. If you are agreeable to go, as I would hope you would be my darling;then, we shall rest the night of Valentines at the Ritz. I shall reserve two suites. The next day we shall go to Versailles and the gardens. I shall put together a private picnic at le petit trinon. Then, we shall alight to the Loive valley for a lovely evening at a bed and breakfast. I shall reserve two rooms of course. The following day we will take tour a chateau or two.
If you wish for Sally Ann to come along as a chaperon, she would love to go. I know you are an esteemed judge in the dog test which is upcoming, and if the dates are overlapping, we can go at another time to your liking. Please let me know my darling, as I know you were so cruelly treated as of late. I wish only to please you, and to comfort you in this time of strife and hurt.

Your Beloved,
Lord Duncan of McDuff

Monday, January 25, 2010

The rescue, well, not quite, a date

Weh, we finally made it up to Mango's house.

Mack took his girl friend out to eat after the ordeal she had to go through. I went to play with other terriers for a bit while they ate.

Publish Post

We drove home after the date, so instead of a rescue, a date was had.
Sally Ann

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help is on the way, Khyra

Dear Khyra,
I am coming to save you. Sally Ann and I are driving up to save you. First we are going to Scruffy and Stanley's house. I am taking Sally Ann to talk to Scruffy and Stanley, as I have been reading their blogs;and, something seems changed up there. Sally Ann being the kind sweet little terrier can speak terrier to them, also, she said a road trip would be fun.
If Scruffy or Stanley are reading, could y'all tell us a good time to drop by. We don't won't to come by at a bad time.

Also, I'd like to nominate by cousin cat Bob for the MM Competition.
Here he is:

This is Bob, he is my cousin cat. I'd like to nominate him for the cat - dog contest.

He is about 5, a gray and white tabby, and he is the king of his house.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Saturday

Hi, it's me Sally Ann. I thought I would dress like a princess to honor my British friend Dilly.

Mack is worried about his girlfriend, Khyra, as she seems to be having a personality change up North.

These souvenirs were made for them after one of their dates. The Khyra that Mack knows is a perfect lady, and the new Khyra is not the same.

Mack was going to ask Khyra out for a special Valentines date in Paris. Mommy taught Mack to speak French, so he can speak both French and English. Mack is quite upset.

He was going to take Khyra to the Jules Verne for Valentines night, two suites on the same floor at the Ritz, and a private tour of Versailes and gardens.

If some one knows what has happened to dear sweet Khyra, please let me know;as, Mack would still like to take his girl friend to France with him.

Sally Ann

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An entry for the sit and stay contest

Look, I have such a good sit/stay that I can sit next to a box of fresh hot pizza.

I am sitting and staying because I like wearing my pretty pink silk dress.

This is the back of my dress. I've included this picture so you could see the back of my dress

Sally Ann and Mack

A hair cut and Snow walks

Howdy Y'all,

It snowed here a couple of weeks ago, and we got to walk in the snow. Can you believe it, we live in Atlanta.

After the walk, I comforted Mack. He didn't feel well.

On the snow topic, Mommy took this picture last time it snowed. There is a snow dog and family. Bogart, if you are reading this, maybe the snow doggie wouldn't be that scary.

On Saturday, I got a hair cut. I love the after hair cut feeling, but I don't like the hair cut itself.

Sally Ann

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doggie Pile contest

I would like to enter the dog pile contest. I did this of my own free will.
Sally Ann

13 of the 16 toys are completely touching my body. Wow, I got 13.

Afterwards, I got this:


Mack got a new bed yesterday because he fought off his illness. It's an official army bed.He has been a good little soldier to fight off his illness:

Sally Ann

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Questions about Prednisone

Howdy Y'all,
This is Mack's Mommy. Does anyone know if Prednisone works well with Essiac and AHCC? I've looked online, but I just want to make sure that it isn't canceling the effect of the Prednisone.

All the research seems to indicate that the neither can interact badly with prednisone. Mack is improving by leaps and bounds. He barked at the pizza man tonight, something last week, I don't know that he would have done. He went to lay in the bathroom tonight, which is something he hasn't done in two months.
Mack's Mommy

Friday, January 15, 2010

My entry in the Mango - minster

Hi, my name is Lord Duncan of Mcduff, but my call name is "Mack."
I am a boy dog
I am a pure bread American Eskimo dog.
I would like to enter the working dog group. - I'm a hard working big brother dog. It is my job to keep my little sister Sally Ann in line. Sally Ann said "Mack is the bestest big brother, and I love him more than anything. He was sick recently, and Mommy and I thought he was going to move to heaven;but, he stayed here. Oh, it is so nice to have him back." My Mommy said "Mack is a real fighter, and I am so glad he is alive. He came home from Athens, GA as an eight week old puppy, and now he is still happy, comfortable, and living well. I love him so much, and he is the king of the house." I know there are doggies who serve so much more than I, but I am so happy just to be alive and still be a hard working big brother.


Baby Sally Ann

This is me from my baby days. I loved my hamburger.

I really loved my hamburger.

I even had a hoogie sandwich.

See, it's a real hoogie toy.

All of Mack's baby pictures are on paper. Mommy says he is to old for digital stuff like this.
Mack is feeling better, and he seems like he really enjoyed his walk tonight. Mommy said he looks better than he has in two months. His neck isn't as funny as it was before.

Is this for a contest? Mommy didn't know, but I told her I wanted to show y'all baby me anyway.

Sally Ann

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Better

Hello, it's me, Mack. Wow, I can walk now. Mommy gave me something called, turkey gravy. Wow, it is amazing. I took all my medicine without any fuss. Mommy says I that I lucky to be alive. She told me that I will be going to the groomers next week. Mommy loves me so much she bought chicken for me. I feel so much better, and I think I shall continue living with Sally Ann and Mommy. I would love to live with Sylvie, but she told me I must wait for a while. I only squeaked once today from pain, whereas before, Mommy said I sounded like Cujo for a lot of the day when she tried to touch me or move me.

Lord Duncan of McDuff

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lord Duncan of McDuff

Hi Y'all, again this is Sally Ann. mack is taking Prednosone(I can't spell), and he is more Mobile, but he is still picky about food. When Mommy gives him his medicine, she has to hold his mouth shut until he swallows. Mommy ask me to ask y'all if there is any furchild or fur parent who knows a better way, Mack and Mommy would be a lot happier. Mommy is going to get some pill pockets tomorrow. Currently, he is taking an antibiotic, the steriod, the Pepcid A/C, the soloxine, half a tramdal at night and morning, the AHCC tablet, and the Essiac tablet. Mommy says the last two can't hurt. So, he has lots of little pills. Most are little pills, but Mommy hates having to hold his mouth closed for him to take his medicine. He is doing better, but we wish he would not be so food picky and take his medicine.
Sally Ann

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mack news - not good

Howdy y'all, This is Sally Ann. Mack is not well. In fact, he is getting worse. He is on prednosone now, but Mommy said we will give it until the rest of week to see if he improves. Mommy is sad, and she looks like she is upset. I want to play and be with Mommy(I've started following her around and looking needy - things I don't normally do all the time), and she gives him attention. She gives him water with a little syringe in his mouth, and he even gets fresh chicken from publix because he has become a picky eater. I'd rather have Mack healthy, than attention from Mommy;but, I won't know what to do without my big brother.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You for kind thoughts

Thank you for your kind words. Bubba's blood work came back normal, safe a slight low white blood cell count. There is a mass on his brain stem or upper vertebra, so the vet thinks. We will try the cortisone, and see if there can be improvment. Mommy said that she won't put Mack through any more test and stuff. If Mack doesn't improve, then Mack will move to be with Sylvie. (something Mommy does not want, but will do if it is best for Mack because she loves him ) Mommy wants to do what is best for Mack. I can't imagine life with out him. Mommy says that he has taught me how to be a big sister, but I can't imagine being a big sister because I am the little sister.
Sally Ann

P. S. Something good has come out of this for me, but I would rather have Mack well. Mack is the picky eater, and guess who gets to eat what he doesn't want. Mommy says I will be a piggy terrier soon, so I have to go to day care. I love day care, so that is good.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sally Ann the reporter

Hello Bloggy world,
Mommy took Bubba to the vet, and there is good news and not so good news. He doesn't have any masses or growths in his chest. He isn't throwing up anymore. Now, the bad news, Mack's blood work is being processed, but the vet thinks he might have mass or tumor on his neck. The vet thinks that his funny neck is coming from his neck mass. There is one treatment that might help, but Mommy said we will try some new medicine. Mommy said because of his age, putting him through a neurological exam is to much. Mommy is glad to know why he is ill, but she and I want Mack to always be here with us healthy and whole.
Sally Ann

P. S. My eskie friend Prinnie sent us the most us the most delicious treats that Mack loves. So, Thank you Prinnie and Digby.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Good Day,
This is Sally Ann. Were sorry we haven't been posting as much. My beloved big brother isn't doing well. He is becoming very picky about food, and he is taking medicine that can hurt his kidneys; but, it is making him pain free and a lot better. On Friday, we are going to the vet to talk about what could be. He has acupuncture treatments for his funny neck, but last week he was flat;and, he couldn't walk. He can walk now, but his back legs aren't well. It has been 3 years, and 4 days from the last great move, and Mommy said she wasn't going to have a repeat of that. Mommy loves Mack so much that I am feeling left out, as Nana comes to give him special walks every day. Mommy says Mack needs special treatment now. We will find out on Friday if this can be "fixed" with treatment, not moving somewhere, but now he is doing as well as can be.

Mommy told me my party has been postponed until this is somehow resolved. I am so sorry dear doggie friends. My Mommy and I don't want Mack to leave us, and we will fight for him with every fiber of our being.

Sally Ann and Mommy

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Hootie's special Valentine for me.
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