Monday, January 4, 2010


Good Day,
This is Sally Ann. Were sorry we haven't been posting as much. My beloved big brother isn't doing well. He is becoming very picky about food, and he is taking medicine that can hurt his kidneys; but, it is making him pain free and a lot better. On Friday, we are going to the vet to talk about what could be. He has acupuncture treatments for his funny neck, but last week he was flat;and, he couldn't walk. He can walk now, but his back legs aren't well. It has been 3 years, and 4 days from the last great move, and Mommy said she wasn't going to have a repeat of that. Mommy loves Mack so much that I am feeling left out, as Nana comes to give him special walks every day. Mommy says Mack needs special treatment now. We will find out on Friday if this can be "fixed" with treatment, not moving somewhere, but now he is doing as well as can be.

Mommy told me my party has been postponed until this is somehow resolved. I am so sorry dear doggie friends. My Mommy and I don't want Mack to leave us, and we will fight for him with every fiber of our being.

Sally Ann and Mommy


  1. Oh Sally Ann, you are such a dear sweet sister! You are not fighting alone! You have many, many paws around you in love and support. We will be there sending strength and hope and comfort during all of Mack's trials. We don't want Mack to leave us, either! Don't feel left have a very special role to play right now and it will require all of your heart and soul: reassure Mack and give mommy extra extra love, both are frightened and need you to be their anchor. I know you can do this because you are the beautiful invincible Tinkerbelle. We are at your side.

  2. We are sorry that Mack's not well. Don't worry about not blogging, we understand what your family is going through. We hope and pray that Mack will get better and hope he is not in too much pain. We are sure he will fight it through as he has done so far.

  3. Oh Sally Ann, I am so sorry to hear that Mack isn't feeling better. We will be praying and keeping our paws crossed really hard that the doctors are able to find out how to help him feel better on Friday. You are such a sweet little sister for understanding that Mack needs extra love and attention right now. Don't feel left out, ok? I know you are showing Mack how much you love him.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. oh no mack! that's terrible news! what's going on? Mom works at a clinic and might know a few things that could help you out- could you send us an email telling us more? Back trouble- there are operations that could fix mack- get a second opinion!

  5. We'll be thinking of ALL of WOO during these challenging times...

    Make sure woo let 'Mack' and your mommy know how much woo love them...

    Don't worry about the blogs...keeping all of woo khomfortable is way more important!


  6. Sally Ann, you are such a brave sister. Please let Mack know that we are ALL thinking of him every moment, and hope that the vet can find some positive answers for him on Friday. We don't know if it will help, but we sent Mack (and you) some treats and hope that you both can enjoy them.

    Prinnie and Digby

  7. Oh dear, we were hoping the Mack might be better. We send aire-zen for your brother Sally Ann. Hope the vet can offer some positive news.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  8. Please let Mack and the Mommy know that we are thinking of all of you. Save your energy for loving Mack and Mommy, we will be here when you have a chance to post


  9. We are so sorry to hear this. We are sending lots of healing vibes.

  10. Hi, Sally Ann!
    I still have my paws crossed for him! I really hope he gets better soon!
    You are the best sister!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hi Sally Ann, we got your back and Mack's as well!
    Sending all good sibe vibes your way!


  12. Dear Sally Ann.
    We we are sorry to hear that little Mack is not feeling well at all! I am going to cross my paws right this second- and my mommy too- so that the doctors can help Mack.
    We love you Sally Ann- and Mack too- please tell him. Don't feel left out- little love- you are being a brave sister in telling your friends to send good thoughts to Mack.
    We will always be here- waiting for the two of you.

  13. Oh Sally Ann we are so sad that Mack is feeling so poorly. We'll send our special prayers up for him. Do not worry about the Welshie party. We understand that your brother's health is most important. We're here for you.
    Smooches, Hootie and BabyRocketDog

  14. We want you to know that we are crossing paws for Mack and that our momma is sending furry tender thoughts and PURRayers. Momma has been through what your momma is going through and she know how difficult it can be and how miserable and painful it can be on your heart.

  15. Oh dear. I hope Mack gets better soon. I'll keep my paws cross for him

    ~ Bae

  16. Hi Sally Ann,

    We are so sorry to hear about the sad news about Mack. We are very hopeful that he will get better and we will constantly keep our paws crossed in prayer. Don't feel left out for we are here for Mack, your mom and of course, you. You are there to provide more strength and love to your dear brother.

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  17. We are sending major AireZen for Mack and all of our paws are crossed!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. Oh Sally Ann! We understand completely. You just let momma take care of Mack, OK?


  19. Hallo sweet Sally-Ann!
    So, sorry to read this worring news re Mack.
    Mother [Blue] and I have been so remiss of late re blog visiting.
    We both send poitive vibes.
    Hugs from me,
    Love pats & pets from her,

  20. Sally Ann, you are just about the best sissy ever! We are hoping and praying with all our might that the vet can find just the right treatment for Mr. Mack. We love you guys,

    Mack & Mom

  21. So sorry! Sending good thoughts your way.

  22. Oh Sally Ann, we are purring and purring for Mack that he will be ok. Purrs, hugs, and purrayers coming from all of us!
    --JB, Chester, CB, Armani and Gaia too

  23. I am keeping my paws crossed for Mack to get better and I'm sending Sibe Vibes out to him.


  24. we love you so much Sally! you seem to be understanding that MAck needs attention. hang in there everyone!

  25. Gee, you left me such a sweet comment, I had no idea your family was undergoing such tough times. I'm sorry about your brother's illness, but he's truly lucky to have such a compassionate and understanding sister. My best wishes for the fastest recovery. You know my older sis was very sick a few short months ago, and now she's ... better than before! I wish the same for your brother.

  26. our paws are crossed for the Mackster!

  27. Sally Ann, we are sorry to hear that Mack isn't doing well. We all have our paws crossed and are praying for you and your family! Let us know how he's doing.

    Woofs, Prayers, and Kisses!

  28. You stay and be with Mack Sally Ann, we will be thinking and praying for him, you and all of your family!!!

    Smileys Hugs!
    Dory and the Mama


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