Friday, August 26, 2011

An Invitation. . .

Good Evening, tis I, Lord Angus of McDuff of the highlands. I would like to ask for the paw of Miss Siku Marie Smith of New Mexico to join me in going to the blog ville prom. I am in every way a gentledog. I have been groomed in all the proper ways of treating lady dogs. I shall open the door at all times, and I shall stand up every time a lady leaves the table. If you would grant me this honor, I would be most happy.
Lord Angus of McDuff

Monday, August 22, 2011

Man dog Monday

I am a man dog. Really I am a man dog. See I have lots to say. Men dogs are very vocal. My sister is a bit mopey. I think she would like a certain welsh man to ask her something, but she is to shy to ask.
I have to go and chew on Sally Ann's toys. Their the best ones.
P. S. Sally Ann and I would love to give a course on a foreign language, but we are not sure there are any more spaces. If there are any spaces, please let us know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welsh Wednesday

This is Welsh Wednesday, so here are pictures of Welsh Doggies.

This is Tavish. He lives in TN.

Sally Ann.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommies Pet Purse

This is Myrtle.
Howdy Y'all,
This is Sally Ann. My Mommy has a pet purse named Myrtle. She has been Mommies pet purse for 7 months. She has a husband who is a dachshund from Pierre Deux. She and Pierre want to have babies. I told her that I would introduce y'all to her. She ask if anyone could help her to become a Mommy. I told her that perhaps Katie and her new baby brother, whose name I don't know yet, might be able to help her. Myrtle is a Chi, and Pierre is a Dachshund. Myrtle gets to go everywhere with Mommy. Well, I have to go. Andy is trying to get my buried bone. I like to bury my bones under cushions. I don't like going outside to bury stuff, I like Mommies pillows.
Oh no, a certain Eskimo dog is trying to find my buried bones.
Sally Ann

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh the hard life

Here I am resting from all the hard work I must do . . . the hard life.
What shall I do?
Sally Ann

Library Cart information

Library Cart information

Thank You Dogster

Thank you Tessa, You are very sweet.

Thank You Coco, this award is amazing and sweet.

Thank you for the pretty pretty Valentine sweet little Hootie

Thank You Teddy

Hootie's special Valentine for me.

Hootie's special Valentine for me.
Oh Hootie, Thank you so much. I love it.

Thank you so much Woodstock

Happy Bark Day Sally Ann, From Doyle

Thank You Oskar

Thank You Oskar, your cute.

Oskar and Bear

I drew this - Sally Ann

Mack the Mighty

Thank You Teddy

Thank You Sasha

Thank you Siku, an Eskie Princess

This is from Doyle, Thank you Doyle

Thank you George

Thank You Rocky Creek Scotties

Four Paws for Snickers