Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommies Pet Purse

This is Myrtle.
Howdy Y'all,
This is Sally Ann. My Mommy has a pet purse named Myrtle. She has been Mommies pet purse for 7 months. She has a husband who is a dachshund from Pierre Deux. She and Pierre want to have babies. I told her that I would introduce y'all to her. She ask if anyone could help her to become a Mommy. I told her that perhaps Katie and her new baby brother, whose name I don't know yet, might be able to help her. Myrtle is a Chi, and Pierre is a Dachshund. Myrtle gets to go everywhere with Mommy. Well, I have to go. Andy is trying to get my buried bone. I like to bury my bones under cushions. I don't like going outside to bury stuff, I like Mommies pillows.
Oh no, a certain Eskimo dog is trying to find my buried bones.
Sally Ann


  1. Oh Sally Ann I love your mom's pet purse. I hope she is able to fine... a WAY.
    Now you Run and get your bone pawtected. hehehe

  2. Mommie's purse is very very cute, but are you sure you want LOTS of little puppy purses everywhere?

    Brothers can be such a bother, can't they? I am always having to pick up my stuff and find new places to hide things...or put them on the bed since no one but me can go there!

  3. Welcome to your new little purse/sister!! hehe. She is very pretty.

    Hi Sweet Sally!! Do you ever get to play with Myrtle? Does her head squeek?! Bwahahahaha.
    Love you bunches,

  4. hello Myrtle! just dropping by to say hello,and I like your blue dress, you look so beautiful! :)

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  5. Sally Ann
    I suwe hope youw little dawling Eskie bwuvvew didn't find youw pawfect hidy place ..that is vewy clevew of you.
    I think little Mywtle is adowabull..I bet she and hew husband would have lovely little babies..T will cwoss my paws fow hew
    smoochie kisses

  6. Oh Sally Ann, the purse is so cute! I am sure her babies will be oh so adorable...

  7. What a cute purse, it will have adorable babies!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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