Sunday, May 30, 2010

My new Brother

My baby brother will be coming on or near the 13th of June. I am most excited, but I am worried about one thing.

Little Scottish Bertie has Katie.

I am so worried that there isn't a love interest for my precious little brother. There aren't any northern doggies out there under a year old. If he is anything like Mack, he will be quite the catch. I'll begin teaching him French as soon as he arrives. Oh well, I hope a cute little northern doggie pops up in doggie blog land.

Welshie hugs,
Sally Ann

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new wetsuit and such

First, I had to put on my new bikini.

First, I put on my wet suit that Mommy and I picked up today at the alteration shop.

Well, here it is. I'm really not that into it, but Mommy seems really happy with it. Hey, how many dogs have a Body Glove wetsuit!

Now, the life jacket. Mommy is scared of me sinking in the pool. My wet suit even has breathing holes so it won't fill up with water.

I am going to help Mommy teach swimming this summer, and I have to wear a life jacket to swim. Mommy said she is afraid of a child pulling me under water. I rather like the color.

My big sister Sylvie had a wetsuit, and a life jacket to help Mommy teach swimming lessons, I am following in her paws. Sylvie has given me some great advice on how to proceed. Also, Mommy ask me to ask y'all, for those humans with boy doggies, what is the best way to potty train?

Sally Ann

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lord Angus of Macduff - maybe

Hi Y'all, we were very sad to hear about Max moving to heaven. I just know that he and Mack are running ,jumping, playing, and eating lots and lots now. We went to visit a litter of five week old American Eskimo puppies yesterday. We looked at rescues, but we could not find a young purebred Eskie that could be adopted out of state or the cute terrier puppy was a mixed breed, and couldn't earth dog with me. Silly AKC rules.)

Mommy is knowledge less about how to post a video on our blog. If you go to You tube, and enter:

Edward and 4 week old puppies

by Thunderpas.

You can see the puppies we meet. Mommy said one of them will most likely be Andy.

Sally Ann

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to do?

Tonight, Mommy and I changed my blog. It is just me now making comments. I miss having someone to tell me what to do. Mommy has been thinking about a baby brother. I wondered, is it to soon. When my big sister Sylvie died, I came to help Mommy and Mack not be so sad. Mommy likes these breeds Dandies, Corgis, Eskies, and Welshies. Do y'all have any advice on when Mommy and I should look. Mommy found some reputable good breeders, and she said when Andy comes;we, Mommy, Andy, and I will go to Petsmart and donate whatever the adoption cost is for a very young puppy.
Mommy and I miss Bubba very much, and it feels really different without him.
Sally Ann

This was from the Peppy Sheppy's and Otis's Blog. It was kinda funny.

This is my Wu - name. I don't really think I am a Warlock, but hey I can be a good soldier(with the rats, he he he).

100-Watt Warlock

Use it wisely, soldier.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lord Duncan of McDuff

Today Mommy, Nana, Mack and I went to the Vet's to say goodbye. Mack hasn't been well, and he wasn't improving. Mommy did the only thing possible to make him better.

It is just me and Mommy now.
Sally Ann

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mommy

I love Mommy because she brings toys for me to play with along with Santa paws.

We go to the botanical gardens, this picture was taken at Christmas.

I like swimming with Mommy.

I love it when Mommy plays fetch and toss the tennis ball for me.

Mack is doing a bit better. He can walk on his own more. The VET will be measuring him for a cart on Tuesday. Apparently, the cart will be coming from some place called Eddie's wheels. I wonder if I could get a cart?

Sally Ann

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hi y'all, we are four days into, my 21 days of "can we walk again." Mommy said she would give the rehabilitation therapy three weeks, 21 days. So far, Mommy has walked me with publix's bags, and she makes me stand by the door for twenty minutes at a time to practice weight bearing. Help, I mean, I am an older doggie. I am not a horse, I am a dog. Sure, horses who are sick, rest in slings, but, I am Lord Duncan of McDuff, a proud older Eskie. Why must I stand, when resting is easier? I really love Mommy, and I want to walk for her;but, it is hard.

Also, Sally Ann knows I am sick. She hid under the bed Saturday night, and Mommy had to pull her out. Sally Ann is worried in a way only doggies can be. So far, Mommy has a lead on her in the house. Just in case, she pulls another "under the bed." She loves sleeping with Mommy, so I know she was worried for me.

Library Cart information

Library Cart information

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Hootie's special Valentine for me.
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