Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new wetsuit and such

First, I had to put on my new bikini.

First, I put on my wet suit that Mommy and I picked up today at the alteration shop.

Well, here it is. I'm really not that into it, but Mommy seems really happy with it. Hey, how many dogs have a Body Glove wetsuit!

Now, the life jacket. Mommy is scared of me sinking in the pool. My wet suit even has breathing holes so it won't fill up with water.

I am going to help Mommy teach swimming this summer, and I have to wear a life jacket to swim. Mommy said she is afraid of a child pulling me under water. I rather like the color.

My big sister Sylvie had a wetsuit, and a life jacket to help Mommy teach swimming lessons, I am following in her paws. Sylvie has given me some great advice on how to proceed. Also, Mommy ask me to ask y'all, for those humans with boy doggies, what is the best way to potty train?

Sally Ann


  1. Wow don't you look the biz, you are so lucky, I wish you could teach me to swin, mom says I have to start when we go on holiday, I hope I can have a suit because she says the sea is cold.
    See yea George xxx

  2. I can understand you must feel a bit weird wearing al that stuuf, but you'll be so safe now when you go swimming.

  3. You are stylin'. Potty training....all I can say is routine....praise....and nothing negative! Take him out as much as possible, limit water and food after 8 in the evening, and when they do their job -- PRAISE! Even a little treat wouldn't be bad. They WILL get it! Remember if there is an accident in the house -- do not punish! A stern NO if you catch them in the act and then gently take them outside and again PRAISE when job is completed! Animals respond best to positive training better than anything else. Best of luck!

  4. Sally Ann...that is stunning. We know you will be a big help to your Mamma.


  5. You are too cool for school. :)

  6. That's a really cute look Sally Ann. All the little squids will want to swim with you.

    As for the potty training stuff I don't think mine was any different to what you girlies had! But at about 5 months when I had more control Mum hooked up some jingle bells to the door where I went outside to potty and taught me to ring them to ask to go outside. I still ring them to ask. Mom says one of the most useful tricks she taught me!

    Wiry love ERic xx

  7. Hey Sally Ann,
    You look great in that body suit. What a good idea.
    Finni was potti trained by having constant access to the garden - Mummy said it was cold but worth it. Now he won't even 'go potti' in the garden, only on walks.

  8. Hi, Sally Ann!
    I can see you are all ready for the swimming lessons!
    Have fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. SallyAnn

    I think you look faboolous!!!
    I know you'll be a pawfect helpew to youw mom in teaching swimming..and cewtainly the pwettiest in the pool
    smoochie kisses,ASTA
    pee ess Mommi aways cwate twined all us doggies boys and giwls alike

  10. Miss Sally Ann,

    I think that the life jacket is a good idea if you are going to swim with stupid human children. They can be very rough with a delicate flower such as yourself. I do worry, however, that the wet suit makes you look kind of bulky and hides your lovely figure. So try to switch to the bikini when you are just sitting poolside, OK?


  11. You look great in yer new duds. We haves life jackets too! Ours are orange and black, mommy says we look like Halloween devils? What's that supposed to mean?

    Bobo and Meja

    What Remington's mom said about the potty training... We trained Bobo and Meja the same (as far as boys and girls go.) Crate trained over a weekend and voila! -- mommy

  12. Wow Sally Ann, that's a neat wet suit. You're the only dog we know with a real wet suit. Your life jacket is very fancy, too. Can we use the picture of you in your life jacket on Bandana Day?

    Mom says her boy doggies were easier to house train than the girls. Go out after eating, sleeping, play and every 45 minutes if they haven't done any of those things. Boys like to pee outside on things, so they pick it up really fast.

  13. Love all the swim gear, I hope you cope with those kids.

  14. I potty trained as fast as any girl. I sort of miss getting treats just for peeing but I get treats for all sorts of other things.
    Love the life jacket look but not sure I'd want to wear a wetsuit with it.

  15. Oh Sally Ann you are the bomb!! Love your bikini and all the other swim gear your swell mama got you. As for the potty training: our mom swears by crate training, though it took me about 3 months longer than it took BabyRD to be completely "piddle free". Now I hold it in for VERy long periods of time.
    WelshieHugs, Hootie

    You are stylin' Sally. Neat outfits for sure.

  16. Oh you look so awesome in your new outfits.

    As for training boys, my mom person say just to let them follow you out & they will pick up on it very quickly!


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