Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The RAT Council

After a rigorous group interview, as you can tell by the group:

I would like to announce after much consideration that every dog who interviewed will be sitting on the council on the 12th of April.

As proper ratters, we can never really touch the rats, but it is the whole idea that is so intriguing to me;and, as a council we can decide how to best function as ratters. Get your assistants working, and plan to attend the party and forum. My assistant will send you all the details soon.

Sally Ann Canis, CED, Canis Inc.
Sally Ann Canis

Monday, March 29, 2010

What to bring to your interview?

Hello, I am getting all prepared for the grand interviews. Please dress your best, bring your CV's, and yourself. If you are chosen, you will be sitting on the Rat Advisory Troupe or RAT council. There will be a grand party with entertainment from Mack and the Eskies a big band group with a Bobby Darrin type - Mack favorite song is Mack the Knife (any Eskies that want to audition are welcome to - please audition in your post) on the 12th, and then we will discuss and settle the important and pressing issues that plague the world of ratting. We will do group interviews, so come ready. Here we go. . .

whee. . . This event is to bring doggies from all over the world to discuss ratting, because we all love it.
Sally Ann

Our official sponsors.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The interviews

Well, I have my job canidates all lined up.

The Scotish fur - friends from the Rockies
Agatha and Archie

On Tuesday and Wensday I will be inter viewing fur - people for these coveted positions. If chosen, you will be a part of the RAT, Ratting Advisory Troupe. We will have a Q & A forum after a lovely party on the 12th. All the girls chosen will be given some chewnel #5, and the men will be given Roof Lauren Men's cologne(Our official sponcers).

If you have been chosen as a finalist candidate, please get ready for interview.
Sally Ann

Ratting party and Q & A

I am quite the social butterfly, and I am most excited about this venture of making new friends from abroad. So, I, Sally Ann, will be having a ratting party with a ratting Q & A on April 10th. With my associates, whom I shall be interviewing on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have a ratting party where the second and seventh fur-friend to comment will receive a special treat for them to play with.
Sally Ann Canis, CED, Canis Inc.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Job Offer: Ratting Partner Needed

Ratting Partner Needed

Hello Blogging world. I have a job offer for y'all. I am looking for someone with innate or learned chasing and hunting skills with small rodent type animals. Must be feisty, love to run, love to travel, and enjoy napping near or next to their Mommy or Daddy. It is a plus for you if you speak French or German. Please send in your CV's or resumes poste haste.
Sally Ann Canis, C E D (Chief Executive Dog) Canis Inc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A book for Bob

Mommy and I have read this book often, and we think it would be perfect for Bob of Bob T Bear (esq.)'s Diary

Sally Ann

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Germany and the airport

Yesterday, outside of the Gutenberg museum we all gathered.

The black and tans decided to all pose in the hallway in the Gutenburg Museum.

Sally Ann took this picture of the famous Gutenburg bible. I promised not to say anything about the paw in the picture. Sally Ann needs to work on holding her camera.

One of the airedales was taking a picture. I am not sure who, as we had several traveling with us. This cat is showing us how they operated the original printing press.

My beautiful huskie girlfriend, Khyra, stood next to the statue of Johannes Gutenburg.

Twink really seemed to like the museum.

Finally, this morning, at the airport, we all said good bye. I gave Khyra a special gift.

A chandelier made from Murano Island glass. She said she loved it, but she just couldn't travel with it. I went back and bought it for her when she was watching the glass making.

Finally, we all made it to the airport in Frankfurt. We even made some kitty cat friends.

Well, next year, we'll travel again. So, here is the picture for y'all who went with us to put on your blogs, if you want . It is a map of where we went, and it shows who went. Sally Ann helped me put it together.

I will see y'all next year in Europe.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Interlocken, Lucerne, and the glacier

When, we got there, Sally Ann insisted on taking my picture. I promised not to say anything about the paw in the picture.

Some of us went up the cog train to see the Eigor and a glacier.

We met some cats, JB and Armini, and a cute swiss cat in the mountains. Wow, that is the Eigor.

Then, we went to Wetterhorn and walked in a Glacier. Our legs were a bit tired after 700 or so steps up, and 700 or so steps down; but, it was so worth it.

I posed for the camera in the glacier.

Khyra also posed, but she was at the other entrance.

The others went to Lucerne to do some shopping. Sally Ann had a grand time. I think Baby Rocket dog really had a grand time picking out post cards.

Sally Ann went to a yummy chocolate shoppe, the Taj -Ma - Hound and bought some doggie chocolates for all the doggies who couldn't come. They are all carob - chocolates just for doggies.

Tomorrow we'll take the train to Mainz, Germany and we will see the famous Gutenberg Bible at the Gutenberg museum.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are here, En swiss. . .

Wow, that was a long train ride. Well, finally, we are here. Dyos jumped out of our van to bark to tell his Mommy and Daddy he was home. He said "Mamam, je suis arrive. Je te manque. Faya me fait mal, elle me donne un coup de bouche hier. Je t'aime." Faya told me that he was trying to get attention. I haven't seen her bite him once. I suppose it is a brother/sister thing.Tomorrow, we will walk in a glacier, and then see the Igor(I can't spell, sorry). Faya and Dyos gave me lots of advice of things to do.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jacque and Fergi brought the wine again. They make good wine selections.

Maggie at the ponte vecciho.

The girls in front of where David stood before being moved.

Some of the girls decided to pose in the chapel of the Palazzo Medici.

The men in the famous Offices, or the Uffitiz. Everyone was there, but it was so hard to photograph everyone.

We will be going to Interlocken and beyond tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venice. . . Huray

Some of us just like to walk along the canals.

Mollie stood in front of a gondola.

Gus liked the gondolas also.

Sally Ann in front of St. Mark's square.

A group of us took a gondola ride.

Some fur - people went to Murano Island to see a glass factory.

It looks as though Linginui has some glass making skills.

We had a great tour of the factory.

We'll be going to Florence tomorrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Italy, here we come. . .

Howdy y'all, this is Sally Ann. Were taking the train now, It is a really long train ride. We arrived in Venice tonight. Tomorrow, we go to see the sights.
Sally Ann
Publish Post

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Continuing the journey, who will come?

We are bushed after skiing, but we have had a wonderful time.

We have had so much fun this weekend. Now, if you want to continue traveling with us, you can. We will go to Italy and Switzerland, and we will fly from home from Frankfurt after seeing Mainz, the town where the first printing press was created. If you want to fly home, that is OK too. It is very hard to be away from home for a long time. I will send Sally Ann to take fur - people to Airport in Lyon tomorrow. We will be in our room all night, so just let us now if you want to go with her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Skiing in the French Alps

We made to the French Alps. . .

We will be here until Monday. Sally Ann and I settled in to our room.

Hootie and his sister Baby Rocket dog also settled in.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lyon, day two

First, we went to a silk factory. I took this photo.

Then, we went to the pool to relax after touring around so much.

Finally, Lunch Asta brought a motorcycle.
Then, all the ladies went shopping on Rue de la Republic.

Then, the men went to visit the Musee des Hospices Civils de Lyon. A museum of medical human stuff.

Tomorrow, we will be heading up to the French alps for several days of skiing.


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Library Cart information

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