Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jacque and Fergi brought the wine again. They make good wine selections.

Maggie at the ponte vecciho.

The girls in front of where David stood before being moved.

Some of the girls decided to pose in the chapel of the Palazzo Medici.

The men in the famous Offices, or the Uffitiz. Everyone was there, but it was so hard to photograph everyone.

We will be going to Interlocken and beyond tomorrow.


  1. I hope we get to have more pizza and marskhapone!


  2. May we, connoisseurs of great wine (ha!), offer a toast to our time in Firenzia: "May friendships, like wine, improve, as time advances. And may we always have old wine, old friends, and young cares."

    Jacques e Fergi xxoo

  3. Pee esS! LOVE the multiple bloggie posts! It's great fun to easily and quickly go back and see what all we've been having fun enjoying with you!!!!

    Vite di vita!
    Jacques e Fergi

  4. Such a great place and so romantic, every furbody is having so much fun.

  5. We're just loving Florence! This may be the best stop of all! We're not sure that we ever want to go home!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. I hear there are lots of great foodables there. Hope you all fit on the plane when it is time to come home.


  7. Still having a wonderful time.....glad you invited me to stay for this leg of the tour.


  8. So Jacque and Fergi are the winos! Got it. I was wondering why we kept running out of wine, that's all. I loved the chapel. I lit a few candles too and said a little prayer.

  9. All that wine made BabyRD dizzy so I'm the writer today. This has been such a blast I hardly want to come home. Oh,I agree with Jake & Fergie about the multiple posts. Way easier to view! Thanks for thinking of this wonderful trip. We'll never forget it.
    WelshieSmooches, Hootie

  10. I lift my glass to join in Jake and Fergi's toast! And only life!

  11. Mack and Sally Ann
    I'm just so enamowed wif all the booty of Flowence..I had no idea that the uffizzi would make such a gweat ball field, hehehethose long hallways awe pawfect fow playing chasey chase..hope youw Mom isn't mad about the phone call to get us out of the guawds office, heheheIt was so wowf it
    smoochie kisses

  12. Mommy wasn't to mad, as Mack promised to vacuum and clean the house for a whole week. I told Mommy I would clean up all my tennis balls and toys. I was surprised that Mommy speaks a little bit of Italian.
    Sally Ann, hiding under the covers so Mack doesn't growl to much at me


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