Friday, March 12, 2010

Interlocken, Lucerne, and the glacier

When, we got there, Sally Ann insisted on taking my picture. I promised not to say anything about the paw in the picture.

Some of us went up the cog train to see the Eigor and a glacier.

We met some cats, JB and Armini, and a cute swiss cat in the mountains. Wow, that is the Eigor.

Then, we went to Wetterhorn and walked in a Glacier. Our legs were a bit tired after 700 or so steps up, and 700 or so steps down; but, it was so worth it.

I posed for the camera in the glacier.

Khyra also posed, but she was at the other entrance.

The others went to Lucerne to do some shopping. Sally Ann had a grand time. I think Baby Rocket dog really had a grand time picking out post cards.

Sally Ann went to a yummy chocolate shoppe, the Taj -Ma - Hound and bought some doggie chocolates for all the doggies who couldn't come. They are all carob - chocolates just for doggies.

Tomorrow we'll take the train to Mainz, Germany and we will see the famous Gutenberg Bible at the Gutenberg museum.



  1. The weather has just been pawesome!

    We've had such great times!


  2. The glacier looks very cold and the chocolates look very yummy! Your great adventure continues to be amazing.

  3. That glacier looks amazing what a great time all furbodys are having. Those little cakes look to good to eat, I bet they are delicious.

  4. Oh I bet Mack and Khyra really loved those ice caves.


  5. I was not sure that Khyra was gonna leave that glacier. Good thing you are a persuasive fellow, Mack.


  6. I thought I put a comment on have I, if not here goes again. Every furbody seems to be having a good time. The glacier looks amazing, I bet its cold though.

  7. What an amazing trip!

    Those glacier photos are amazing!

  8. Khyra sure was right at home in the glacier! She likes the cold more than any doggie we know!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Mac, I had no idea you were such an amaaazing guide! So sweet of you to stick me in your jacket to take me the 700 steps up and down to see the glacier. xoxoxo

  10. I loved going on that hike, but i am tiwed, hehehe
    good thing we went to get those cookies to wevive us, hehehe

    mommi used to live in Bewn Switzewland when she was little and she always told me about those bootiful mountains..thank you fow taking me so i could see them myself
    smoochie kisses

  11. The caves look kinda cold!
    But Mack you are looking very dapper!

  12. We are so glad we visited that freezing cold glacier BEFORE Moma stole all our furs! How much fun! Especially all those steps! Up and down again! To think that not that long ago neither Fergi nor I knew how to "do" stairs!

    And YUMMMMM! We are soooo glad you knew where to take us to find carob treats! It just wouldn't have been right to be in Switzerland without some good "chocolate."

    You are treating us to the BEST time!
    Onward ho!
    Jacques and Fergi xxoo

  13. You always go on the most exciting trips!


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