Friday, March 26, 2010

Job Offer: Ratting Partner Needed

Ratting Partner Needed

Hello Blogging world. I have a job offer for y'all. I am looking for someone with innate or learned chasing and hunting skills with small rodent type animals. Must be feisty, love to run, love to travel, and enjoy napping near or next to their Mommy or Daddy. It is a plus for you if you speak French or German. Please send in your CV's or resumes poste haste.
Sally Ann Canis, C E D (Chief Executive Dog) Canis Inc.


  1. As you probably know, Eskies are not very good ratters, either for sport or necessity. Quinn and I will put the word out about your special job and hope that you get lots of fine candidates...have you considered Jake (as in Jake and Fergie?)

  2. I am sure you will find the Perfect Partner soon!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Well I am no vermin catcher, Pip however is noted for his fearless pursuits of all vermin, he loves to travel, at the moment he is wondering what to do next.

  4. Dear Sally Ann, I am an AMAzing rodent hunter! Really, don't know if you remember last summer when I brought home a baby Snowshoe bunny, but I LOVE to hunt!! I not only single handedly (NO,BabyRD did NOT help at all) got rid of all the troublesome moles that were in my mommy's rhody-den-drum roots, but rid the area around our cabin of all, yes ALL, burrowing critters! Mommy did not even care that I dug into their holes a little, cuz somehow I managed to run them all off. So, to close this, I feel I would be a fine mate for you in your ratting job.
    Most Sincerely,

  5. You can certainly borrow Teka...she is still talking about that mouse she captured in Paris. Keeps his little beret as a souvenir!


  6. Hello! I would love to be at your side. This is BENJAMIN BARKER! I am a min. schnauzer, so i am a terrier, and by nature, terriers are GREAT ratters. I love to try to chase squirrels even though mom says i'm not allowed to eat them. AND, i love to run run run and also snuggle with my mom all the time.

  7. Ummm. I'm flattered by Siku's confidence in me. Moma keeps telling me I'm s'posed to be an earth dog, but currently I have a preference for birds. (Love 'em!) Sounds like a great job ... sorry I guess I'm not your dog. I can think of a few applicants, though. I'll hang some posters near our trees.

    Jake (and Fergi)

  8. Pigs are very bad it too so I'll pass, but wish you luck with finding someone.

  9. I dcould be the one only I don't speak French or German..but I could learn...Love Agatha and Archie

  10. Ah, well, I do speak Italian, so no help there. I have to agree with the 2 Wires and will hang some posters in our area too.

    Good luck on your search.

    Hugs, Tessa

  11. Mitch is the best mouser ever! He'll stay on the case till the culprit is caught! Mitch is definitely your man, err dog, Sally Ann.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hey there Sally Ann:

    I am a border terrier, and as such, my role is to ferret out rodents and chase them away. I live with a common area behind our house that is home to many of those nasty things, and I have successfully kept them from our yard and our neighbor's pool. I am eight years old, so I am mature enough to be patient with my stalk, yet spry enough to chase the best and faster of them. I would very much like to work with you! I promise to leave the sisters home!

    I have my own blackberry (I see you have one too) and am fluent in the german language. I have exceptional computer skills, am personable and don't pee in the house.

    Master Digby

  13. As long as we're not talking about tree rats (my furiends) I'm your man, um, woman. Let me update my CV so I can send it to you.


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