Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lyon, day one

First, we took the cog train up to Fouviere.

Then we saw the Notre Dame de Fouviere.

After that we went to the Roman Antique Musem. Which is amazing.

Then, we walked down to the ampitheatres. I think that Hootie is kissing my sister.

I posed on the steps by the the ruins.

Finally, we all had a picnic. It was evening by then. After we ate, we went back down to the city.

Tomorrow, we will go swimming, see a silk factory, the ladies will go shopping, and the men are going to museum of medical stuff.


  1. Mack
    This is my favowite kind of vacations..fun, good foods AND leawning stuff too...sooo cool.
    I had nevew been to Lyon befowe..awe thewe lots of lions thewe, and will you pwotect me if they attack??
    smoochie kisses

  2. Mack, You knew I would be your sister's bodyguard!!! I let Hootie kiss her because he begged me. It was an innocent kissie-poo, believe me. So glad that I could help. OR, did you ask me to protect you from the lions?....Asta has a good point. In the meantime, your sweet sister is fine under me guard.

    Irish Love,

  3. we don't need passports; we just leave our PEEPorts whenever we pass through customs....we dawgs are more resourceful than the hoomans!

    oh Mack, i been enjoying myself so much that this exercise in Lyon is doing me good after ALL those goodies at Bertillon and Fauchon....

    now that i've sent the little devil Tiffy home, i can FINALLY relax more and enjoy your company instead of having to doggiesit


  4. Some beautiful big old places there for sure. um, did you say SWIMMING???


  5. Looks like you are having a great time!

  6. Is that "medical stuff" as in VET! I wanna go with the ladies.


  7. It looks like you're having a pawsome trip still!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  8. Shopping tomorrow? Excellent, I can't believe I brought a pink shirt to wear today. I don't do pink. I need the shopping spree. You're so brilliant to come up with that idea. As for today...I learned a lot. Thank you.

  9. Quite a feast for my pies you all having a jolly good time!
    Wiry loves Eric x

  10. Shhhh! Don't tell Moma we went along for this part of the trip. She was already frustrated with us 'cause we were late leaving, we didn't provide any of the necessary documents up front, we had trouble keeping up and kept losing the group, and Fergi sipped a bit too much wine. But WE are having a blast! You are taking us on a great tour ... while Moma sits home and puts together a scrapbook of pictures from when our Girl was in France with her classmates a few years ago (took mention that ... the scrapbook is a surprise for later in May!)

    Hehehe. Moma is having fun, but we are having a BLAST! We are sooo glad we came along on this trip. (Moma thinks I'm still playing with that squeakly tennis ball ... the last thing she let us put up on our bloggie! Ha! If she only knew what a BALL we're having!)

    Merci beaucoup!
    Jacques et Fergi aussi, xxoo

  11. Lyon is one of our most favourite cities! The NSLM's dad had to go there a lot for work a few years ago and we have such memories of the fantastic food.

    Your pics were great today!

  12. So much to see! Notre Dame is huge!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. phew its lucky we have four legs cos we would be exhausted otherwise
    and do drop by on saturday cos you'll see pics of you both at a surprise event - loves and licks

  14. What a grand adventure!!!

    I hope you have the best time ever!

  15. I can not believe that my sweet stolen kiss was caught on camera! McGillicutty was supposed to ward off any puperazzi but obviously all he was doin' was spying for you Mack!! Ah well, no one can take that away from me. [[sigh]] Sally Ann looks even lovlier by the glow of French lighting.
    WelshieHugs, Hootie


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