Monday, June 27, 2011

My little brother, the man dog???

Hi, this is Sally Ann. Tonight, when Mommy came home, she found the play pen covered in poo. We were escorted outside, and had to wait for the cleaning. She cleaned the poo, the wall, the floor, and the play pen. Then, Andy and I were hosed off outside. Andy doesn't like to be hosed off. After that, Andy rubbed on the concrete, and gave himself a bloody nose. So, is he a man dog or a baby dog. Mommy held Andy while she put a paper towel to his nose to stop the bleeding. Mommy felt bad for Andy, so she got him some yogart for tomorrow after his tummy settles down.
Sally Ann

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Badge

Hi Y'all, I was just reading Bertie's blog, and he mentioned his badge for the blogville town. My Mommy in quite daft. She never picked ours up. Could someone help us? Please
We have been searching and searching. Mack and I are in charge of the library. We would so much to participate. Please help us. . . . Please
Sally Ann and Andy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Howdy Y'all

Hi from Atlanta. Mommy and I wanted to post more, but for some reason, we can't. Blogger won't let me put my words under my pictures.
Sally Ann, with my one of my best furfriends Kitty

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A special girl friend for Andy

Andy is looking for a special girl friend. He is now old enough, but the girlie dog he liked is already dating another. He liked Miss Ciara, but she is already with someone else. If anyone knows of a girlie dog under 2 years of age, please let me know.
Sally Ann

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andy's Barkday party

On Sunday, Andy had his Barkday party. Andy and I had special outfits.

We had to rest a bit during the party, but this picture shows our outfits pretty well.

Andy wore his Eton suit.

My aunt and uncle came to the party, but they had to come in flat form. I don't know why.

This is Uncle Bob.

This is aunt Betty.

There were lots of humans at Andy's party.

I even had a date. My darling Hootie came in Flat form. I helped him eat his take home cookie.

Flat Hootie told me a funny joke, and Mommy caught me in a moment after he told the joke.

Andy danced with the White dog Army girls, and they were all tired after the party.

After the party, Hootie and I took a private walk. It was just the two of us.

Well, I have to rest now. The party was amazing, but we are kinda tired now.

Sally Ann

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer and swimming

This is what I want to be doing? We are most sad about Joey. He was a grand and loved blogger.

Sally Ann

Library Cart information

Library Cart information

Thank You Dogster

Thank you Tessa, You are very sweet.

Thank You Coco, this award is amazing and sweet.

Thank you for the pretty pretty Valentine sweet little Hootie

Thank You Teddy

Hootie's special Valentine for me.

Hootie's special Valentine for me.
Oh Hootie, Thank you so much. I love it.

Thank you so much Woodstock

Happy Bark Day Sally Ann, From Doyle

Thank You Oskar

Thank You Oskar, your cute.

Oskar and Bear

I drew this - Sally Ann

Mack the Mighty

Thank You Teddy

Thank You Sasha

Thank you Siku, an Eskie Princess

This is from Doyle, Thank you Doyle

Thank you George

Thank You Rocky Creek Scotties

Four Paws for Snickers