Monday, September 16, 2013

Big sister thoughts . . .

Hi, this is Sally Ann the big sister.   My little brother is many things. He is boy friend to Miss Siku, a Mommy's boy to my Mommy, and a sweet little brother.  Mommy went to somewhere on Saturday to do something called "babysitting."  I thought I was the baby, or rather at least Andy was the baby. Oh well, enough getting distracted. Mommy read a book to the four year old little girl while doing this strange "babysitting."
She found Andy, or a written description of him. Here is my little brother.

I know Andy is not a Llama, but he can sure act like the main character in this book sometimes.

Sally Ann Phillips

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Pink Avenger is coming.

Hello, in my house, Andy has disappeared. There is a dog walking around calling himself the pink avenger.
He says he will avenge any doggie that has been affected by canine IBS. The pink avenger looks a lot like Andy, buy he claims to  be the pink Avenger and only wants to avenge doggies with sensitive tummies. Funny, this pink avenger likes to be carried like a baby just like Andy. I guess will never know. He ask me ask y'all if anyone needs to be "avenged." Let me know, and he will appear.
I will let everyone know if Andy appears.
The Pink Avenger and Sally
Ann Phillips

Mon rendez - vous en France

 Hi, Good Morning everyone.   We just got back from France. We spent last night at a hotel, so we could spend more time there. My husband is so great.  He remembered one of our first dates, and he recreated parts of it.
We had our picture painted to reminder the date
 We ate at a great little brasserie with some other doggies. I speak French, and my husband has been to Inlingua, so he can speak a bit. It was amazing.
Sally Ann Phillips

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hugs for Benny!

We wanted to post pictures of us hugging Mommy.

Andy is very much a Mommy's boy, and he loves to hug Mommy. Andy is happiest in Mommy's arms. He is loved, and a big part of our little pack.
Sally Ann Phillips

Andy Stanley is Pink and other stuffs

Hello blog ville!
 This is Sally Ann, the Welsh lady. On Wednesday, Andy and I went to the groomers. It was mostly for me. Before:

This is the after:

I am getting ready for dog date day tomorrow. Hootie is going to take me to on a surprise date.  He said we would be going somewhere amazing.  I got my furs trimmed to get ready for our date. Now, onto Andy. His grr - friend, Siku, couldn't go with him because she has a new brother.  So, he is going to babysit Baby Sylvie. Mommy has been worried he is to skinny, so she has been giving him extra food. Tonight, he got moist food after his dry food. How unfair is that.  He is healthy, but he is slim. I think he ate to much on Thursday because he had some runny number two this morning. So, he had the pink stuff. Now, he is pink.
He is a bit ashamed to be pink, but Mommy and I still love him very much. He is unsure about how his grr-friend will react on Sunday. They have tentative plans to go to Sedona to see the rocks and cliffs.

Andy and I eat every night, but he is a skinny dog. I am a normal weight, but he is super skinny.  Mommy says he needs more food. He gets 2 cups of food at night, and 1/3 a can of moist food. She says that after a week or so, he should put on just a bit more. He is only 3, so we are not worried about any scary diseases; but apparently, the one cup a day of doggie food wasn't enough. I'm a healthy weight and I eat one cup a day, but Mr. high metabolism needs more. It is not fair, but I get some duck jerky when he gets moist; which, kinda makes up for it.
I have to go and get ready for my special date with my hubbie,
Sally Ann Phillips

Library Cart information

Library Cart information

Thank You Dogster

Thank you Tessa, You are very sweet.

Thank You Coco, this award is amazing and sweet.

Thank you for the pretty pretty Valentine sweet little Hootie

Thank You Teddy

Hootie's special Valentine for me.

Hootie's special Valentine for me.
Oh Hootie, Thank you so much. I love it.

Thank you so much Woodstock

Happy Bark Day Sally Ann, From Doyle

Thank You Oskar

Thank You Oskar, your cute.

Oskar and Bear

I drew this - Sally Ann

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