Monday, January 31, 2011

Traveling Questions


It is Sally Ann from the south.

Don't I look French?

Whilst the other version of me is traveling, I am thinking about traveling. Mommy is going to the city of lights in the early spring, and I want to go with her. I did the titre test, and I was at 1.8 in November. So, I am waiting my 6 months. But, Mommy worries that the trip might be to much for me. I told her, no way. I'll be fine. Does anyone have any experiences traveling abroad as such? I know that Irish Clive has traveled here, and British welsh man George has traveled here? (here being the states) I would love to travel with Mommy, but Mommy is unsure about it. We have started early, but Mommy wants the option to be there; if, England is the destination of choice.

Also, Mommy for got to tell me that my angel sissy took KBr and her she was being misleading, but sometimes my Mommy can be daft; but, I love her and I think she is perfect.
The Sally Ann still in Atlanta

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sylvie and the Epilepic monster

My sister fought the evil Epileptic monster, and she won. I just know Butchy can beat it. My sister Sylvie beat it by using sugar. If she had a fit, Mommy would give her a little bit of this. . .

Mommy said she could walk after the fit when she gave her some sugar. It saved her life. She was almost 17 when she had to go to heaven. She wasn't defeated by the epilepsy beast, but the renal failure monster took her away.

If you can, please go say "hi" to Butchy and family. He is only 11, and he can beat it.
Sally Ann, this is being posted from my mailing envelope

Here I go. . .

Hello Bloggie world . . .

Mommy and I have come to an understanding. While I still want to run away, I still very much wish to be Mommies little princess; so, I am sending a part of myself away. I shall arrive there soon. I have brought some food, my lobster stuffie, and a note. I also brought some treats for my special fur-boy friends human family.

My uncle Bob cat didn't say very much as I was headed to the post office, and I think I know why. He spends a great deal of his time under a lamp. I think he looks funny. I took Mommies cell phone, so I can post all about my trip.

Uncle Bob cat is funny!

Sally Ann

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am running away

Hello Bloggie world,

I, Sally Ann, am going to mail my self away. I will leave tonight, but I am taking Mommies cell phone with me. Mommy holds the baby, gives the baby extra walks, and she even looks after him when I am crying for her. So, I am going to mail myself to my beloved.

I have packed my snow suit. . .

I have packed my snow shirt. . .

I am going by mail. I left a detailed note of my departure for Mommy, and I am leaving tonight. I hope to arrive in AZ by Early next week. After all, I did not fall off the gravy train and hit my head. I am saving money by traveling smart.
First, I must rest. I am bringing my Moose. I could get scared.
Sally Ann

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My possible book

Hi y'all, this is Sally Ann.

My Mommy wants to write a book about me to be a fundraiser for the ATC. She wants to write about my pretend life.

Where Kitty, the Boston terrier above, and I move to Paris to become supermodels. After all we do have long legs. Then, my ATC beau Owen comes over, and we get married(That is why Mommy needed the pictures). Then for a second book, Owen and I have been married for several years, and we have twins, Sare and Sylvie. Sare after Owen's Mommy who died very suddenly(she was only 4, and didn't wake up from a general anesthesia from a teeth cleaning type thing.) It could show me being the great Buckhead Mommy. Taking care of the twins, and then having baby Owen or Mack(Mommy says she is not sure). Owen would be the great businessman, and the twins would go to all the events human puppies who . Mommy needs photos to put a layout together. She says if this ever becomes a real, she would like for some one to draw human - doggie looking dogs. So, when I would be pregnant, I would look like a pregnant human Mommy, and the Kitty and I would be walking like human models in Paris on the cat walk.

Mommy says this might not ever happen, but I sure I hope it does.

Oh, Andy seems OK now, so Mommy is going to hold off in sending him to Military school.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opps, and my Naughty brother

My lost post was an accident. Mommy wanted to know if there has ever been an online welsh doggie weddings?

Also, Andy might be going here. . .

He chewed up my collar. He chewed up the plastic buckle part. He went potty as normal, but we are still a bit worried. He can go potty number two every time we take a bathroom break.
Sally Ann

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

My process of escape, Andy Stanley

I am inside the play pin, and I must get out. I will show you how.

I climb up, and I think about the best place to land.

I see the place.

I am almost there. I must see the spot at all times.

Ta dah, I am out.

I love my sister, Sally Ann. She is the best most amazing big sister ever. She loves me a lot. She says, that one day, I can sleep on the bed like her.

I have to go outside now, as it is my bathroom break time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Andy Stanley, the "bad dog"

Hi, it's me, Sally Ann. Please don't think ill or less of me. As I do love my brother, but sometimes, he is naughty. He has visited the naughty chair a bit. I thought, I shall enter him into the "bad dog" group. I am not sure of his chance of winning, but I think he has a shot.

At night, he sleeps in a crate. . .

because he can't hold it all night. He is getting a lot better, but he still has an accident from time to time. Mommy said if he were a human, he would be wearing pull ups.

He can climb out of the play pin.

He steals my toys, and when Mommy is playing fetch with me. He takes the ball and runs off.

Well, I have to go, as Mommy says it is time for our second evening walk.
Sally Ann

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Andy's entry for the "bad dog" group

Hi, I am made Mommy type this before veggies. I want to enter Andy into the "bad dog" group. I will have pictures later to prove my point. He steals my neatly organized toys, he takes attention away from me, and he jumps out of the play pin.
Sally Ann

My Diva - ish qualities , part 1

I am a working diva, as I keep human puppies safe in the summer.

I insist on meeting all human puppies and doggies when I am out. That is a diva-ish quality.

I insist on wearing Diva clothes, and I love pink.

I have all my toy organized, which my brother says is something only a Diva would do...
When I go shopping (an activity I love), I must wear only my pink Doggles. Those big bulky black ones are just horrible.
I have to go now, something about Mommy eating dinner. I love her, so I want her to eat. Were have veggies, those are another thing I love, too..
Sally Ann

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My cupcakes

I must admit, I did have some help.

I was inspired and helped by the nice people at

Coco Cakes Cupcakes in Vancouver.

They made some of the cupcakes for me. I did make one or two, but I wanted them to make the rest because they are great cupcake makers.

Sally Ann

Cupcakes for everyone


I was busy baking last night, and I have made cupcakes for every one. I made Milkbone - ish flavors, cheese, and liver. Yummy. . .

Here they are. Please take one, and if you want . . .

Also, would you please put a bottom on your blogg? They are pretty and pink.

I'll be posting more pictures to prove my diva qualities a bit later.

Sally Ann

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hi, I am busy baking my "vote for Sally Ann pupcakes." What flavors shall I make?
Let me know.
Sally Ann

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Official Official post for the Diva catagory

Good day, your future MM 2011 Diva, is here.

I , Sally Ann, would like to enter the Diva category.

I have lots of clothes. In fact, there is an Ikea closet in my Mommies room that is filled with half of my clothes.

Mommy says I am a nice Diva, but still a Diva. Andy says I act more like an Airedale. I'd rather be nice, than nasty. Some of my friends in the ATC are a bit mean and scary when they don't get their way.

See, I get along with other doggies well. My friend Jyll's Mommy said I have an atypical personality. I don't have to wear a muzzle when I am with other girl welshies.
I shall post more later, as I have walk back up the hill. We have snow, and our city is stuck.
Sally Ann

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My official entry for the MM 2011

I Sally Ann would like to enter myself in the Diva catagorie and the terrier group. I shall write more about this later. But, I was sore afraid of not being listed. Also, my little brother asked if he could compete in the trouble catagorie.
Sally Ann and Andy Stanley

Monday, January 3, 2011

Europe 2011

Hello World. . .

We are back. We have added a new member of the traveling team. Mommy and I have been thinking, "how can we involve more furpeople?"

I came up with a grand idea. Lets travel! See I am ready to go, and so is Andy(well kinda). All I need are some travel destinations. Also, I was thinking maybe some doggies from certain(i.e. Oskar from Germany, and Faya from Switzerland) areas could show us around. My special friend Oskar is very smart and knows all about his country. I know Lacie could tell us about the Lake region of England, and George could tell us about his part of England. Mango could tell us about the North. Maggie from Maggie and Mitch could tell us about Barns and stuff. The Aussies, or the Australian Airedales, could tell us about their country. If little Toffie is still blogging(we have been away a bit, so he might be retired from blogging- if he is, then disregard this), he could write about South Africa.
Well, I must go rest now, it is hard playing at Doggie day care all day.
Sally Ann

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paris et mon homme Anglais

When Hootie arrived, he showed Andy his name badge;as, Andy was very protective of me. Andy grilled him to make sure his intentions were proper. When he passed Andy's test, Andy said we could go.

This is me before we left.

We went to Paris to the Eiffel Tower for our Pawtinis, then we hoped on the TGV to go to Nice to stroll along the Rue des Anglais

We saw a French WFT that looked a lot like Asta, but she said her name was Marie. And, we saw a Parson Russel who looked a lot like Eric from London, but he said his name was Pierre. Funny

It was lovely. I had an amazing time. Hootie had fun too. He asked when we would be traveling again. He wanted to visit London this time.

Sally Ann

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Paris with my Welsh man

Hi y'all,
This is Sally Ann. Wow, I had an amazing night. Hootie and I went to the Jules Verne for some Pawtinis, and then he took me very early in the morning to Marsailles; and, then we walked down the Rue des Anglais. We had Carob lattes, and then we flew back early this morning.
My pictures haven't been processed yet, but they will be coming. I have to rest a bit.
Sally Ann

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Library Cart information

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Hootie's special Valentine for me.
Oh Hootie, Thank you so much. I love it.

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