Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Play date with my bestest friend

Hi y'all, I am so excited. I have a bestest friend now. It's Winnie from England. Finally, there is another Welsh girl with a blog. I ask Winnie to come for a play date at my house.

She was a bit shy at first, but then Mommy made us some Peanut Butter and honey sandwiches. It was loveley. We even played tea party.

Then we played dress up. Winnie wanted to be a princess, so she wore my snow white costume. I wore my Tinkerbelle outfit.

We had the best time ever. Then, we play chase the rat. She loved it. She said she might like to play that with her brother, Taffy. Her big sister, Molly, came to pick her up when we finished the game. If y'all haven't meet her, please go visit her. She is the most polite and the sweetest Welshie girl I've meet.
Sally Ann

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My sister Sylvie

When Sylvie my angel sister turned 16. She had been with Mommy for 13 years then. She had a real party.

Here she is with Mommy. This was before me.

There were 20 people, and 12 or so dogs. The only altercation happened and was caused by a doxie. I am told Sylvie paraded around the room, and she knew every one was there for her.
Here she is saying hello to someone.

She would be 21 in 6 days. Mommy has a special gift for Nuka because she had started life similarly to Sylvie. Sylvie had her start at the age of three, whereas Nuka got started at 9; but, Sylvie came to the Atlanta Humane Society with three little black puppies. She had been shaved because of her poor coat condition, and she had a little lion head. She was rail thin, and she wouldn't bark. Mommy said she barked a year or so later. Mommy loved her so much. When she was older, she tended to have fits in the heat; so, Mommy found a human baby stroller, and she sat there like a child. Her feet were out, and she loved it. So, she started life off like Miss Nuka, and Mommy and I are going to find some of Princess Sylvie's wardrobe to send to Miss Nuka. I can't fit into most of her clothes because she was part corgi, and I am not.
Sally Ann

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Someone is in big trouble. . .

This cute, innocent looking puppy has done something bad. He did this bad thing twice. Mommy said she could have strangled him because of what he did.
He chewed up the plastic on my collar last week, so we don't wear collars in the play pin. Then, he pulled the leash into play pin with my intact collar on it. He chewed up the plastic bit and shredded the leash. Well, Mommy was none to pleased. Andy chewed up Mack's leash. Mommy was so worried about the plastic bits puncturing his organs, but he was fine this morning. This is not really a "bad sport" vote, but pardoning the pun; Andy was really in the dog house last night.
Mommy told him about how sick Mack was, and how he shouldn't worry Mommy like that.
Sally Ann

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One more day! !

Tomorrow, the contest shall be judged. Whilst Mommy and I are waiting, I thought lets highlight three of the contestants.

I am here, the Welsh Woman.

There is the Wire Fox Woman, Asta.

There is Poodle Woman, Mollie Jo.
There are more contestants, but Mommy doesn't know who they are. So, if you are a venerable contestant to named DIVA of the year, and you are not listed above; please, do excuse my Mommy, she is perfect in my eyes, but a bit daft at times. Tomorrow is the day!
Sally Ann

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A friendly reminder

Hello, This is me, Sally Ann. The diva contest I am entered into will be in two days. I am getting ready. I must rest up, so I am can be a proper Diva.
D. . . Devoted to my family
I . . . Intelligent ergo being thoughtful and thinking of others
V . . . Veracious about meeting and greeting other doggies and being social
A . . . Attentive and caring to the needs of others
Sally Ann

Friday, February 4, 2011

A note from Andy

Hi, this is Andy. I have been reading up on how to win stuff. It seems that at pretty girl television shows that the girls who win have lots of family cheering for them. So, I gathered all of our family to cheer for Sally Ann to be Diva.

First, there is Uncle Bob. He really is supportive despite the sour look on his face.

See, he is looking to see if you are clapping for my sissy.

Second, there is Aunt Betty. She scares me a bit. She's tried to scratch me, when all I did was ask her to play with me. I really would not like to get on her bad side. I love her, but I have learned to not make her mad. She used to manage a ballet troupe, and she has said that she will manage her niece's career. I'm not sure Sally Ann wants her as an Agent. If Sally Ann doesn't win, what would she do?

Don't forget me, I have learned from my beautiful sissy that I have an amazing talent. I can sit on stuff. So, If you wonderful doggies of blog world don't think my sissy is good enough or you don't like my sissy, Sally Ann said perhaps, I could sit on you. I weight an impressive 18 pounds, and I am a tough puppy.

Nana is here too. She is a great Nana. She is the bestest at cheering.

Sally Ann's BFF, Kitty, is here also. She is barking and scratching for Sally Ann right now.
Mommy of course is Sally Ann's biggest fan, and mine. Sally Ann, Mommy and me are like three peas in a pod.
So, we are all here to support Sally Ann. She is the absolute bestest.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our entries for Hootie's photo contest

This is Mack dog. I don't know if he is eligible to enter, but I thought I would try.

This is me, I am Snow White.

I wanted to show y'all Sylvie. She was Mommy's princess dog first before me.

These pictures were taken at her sweet 16th birthday party. She was 16 in human years. Mommy still calls me Sylvie sometimes, and she cries a bit sometimes. I tell her it's OK, and I make her happy.
Sally Ann

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Library Cart information

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Hootie's special Valentine for me.
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