Sunday, February 6, 2011

One more day! !

Tomorrow, the contest shall be judged. Whilst Mommy and I are waiting, I thought lets highlight three of the contestants.

I am here, the Welsh Woman.

There is the Wire Fox Woman, Asta.

There is Poodle Woman, Mollie Jo.
There are more contestants, but Mommy doesn't know who they are. So, if you are a venerable contestant to named DIVA of the year, and you are not listed above; please, do excuse my Mommy, she is perfect in my eyes, but a bit daft at times. Tomorrow is the day!
Sally Ann


  1. Good luck!!! You are all equally gorgeous! take care

  2. Mornin' Sally Ann!!

    Todays 'da big day!! Are yous ready? Of course yous are!!

    See yous soon!

    Anakin Man

  3. You have some pretty tough competition but in our eyes, you are THE Diva! Good Luck.

    What great news that Andy is learning to dance. A gentlepup should be skilled at all of the social graces. He is welcome to come and sing with The White Dog Army anytime!


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