Friday, February 4, 2011

A note from Andy

Hi, this is Andy. I have been reading up on how to win stuff. It seems that at pretty girl television shows that the girls who win have lots of family cheering for them. So, I gathered all of our family to cheer for Sally Ann to be Diva.

First, there is Uncle Bob. He really is supportive despite the sour look on his face.

See, he is looking to see if you are clapping for my sissy.

Second, there is Aunt Betty. She scares me a bit. She's tried to scratch me, when all I did was ask her to play with me. I really would not like to get on her bad side. I love her, but I have learned to not make her mad. She used to manage a ballet troupe, and she has said that she will manage her niece's career. I'm not sure Sally Ann wants her as an Agent. If Sally Ann doesn't win, what would she do?

Don't forget me, I have learned from my beautiful sissy that I have an amazing talent. I can sit on stuff. So, If you wonderful doggies of blog world don't think my sissy is good enough or you don't like my sissy, Sally Ann said perhaps, I could sit on you. I weight an impressive 18 pounds, and I am a tough puppy.

Nana is here too. She is a great Nana. She is the bestest at cheering.

Sally Ann's BFF, Kitty, is here also. She is barking and scratching for Sally Ann right now.
Mommy of course is Sally Ann's biggest fan, and mine. Sally Ann, Mommy and me are like three peas in a pod.
So, we are all here to support Sally Ann. She is the absolute bestest.


  1. Yep, Sally Ann is one special girl!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. hee hee, that was cute. Aunt Betty looks sorta nice, does she really scratch you??

  3. I'm cheering for you too my darling Sally Ann. You have such class and style and of course, a heart as big as Atlanta!! From all I know about you, you are an unspoiled Diva...the best kind!!! I put a vote for Sally Ann icon on our sidebar.
    WelshieSmooches from another big fan,

    Not at all biased I see. Bol!

  4. With a cheering squad like all of you, Sally Ann is destined to win...and of course, The White Dog Army is cheering for your generously kind, beautifully elegant and sophisticated sister to win as well!

    P.S. We have an award for you on our blog.

  5. Aw, you aren't such a bad sport after all. Good luck to Sally Ann.


  6. She has a super duper support team. I hope you do well!

  7. Andy
    I'm in that categowy too, but obviously Sally Ann is wondewful and a twoo Diva and has a soopewiow Suppowt team!!!
    I hope she wins
    smoochie kisses


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