Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venice. . . Huray

Some of us just like to walk along the canals.

Mollie stood in front of a gondola.

Gus liked the gondolas also.

Sally Ann in front of St. Mark's square.

A group of us took a gondola ride.

Some fur - people went to Murano Island to see a glass factory.

It looks as though Linginui has some glass making skills.

We had a great tour of the factory.

We'll be going to Florence tomorrow.


  1. i am so happy in venice with all my fab furry friends, it is just soooo exciting and mack and sally-ann are the best

  2. Thank you...I had a wonderful time on the gondola! Next time I want to drive!


  3. Boy that was some trip!
    Thanks for taking us along!


  4. We have never been on a gondola before! OMG, what fun this is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. That looked such great fun.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  6. The gondola ride was the best. Nice and cozy.


  7. We did it! We got up early and we were able to enjoy the stroll by the canals of Venice. This was one of Our Girl's favorite places, and now we know why! It's a good thing Jake didn't go to St. Mark's Square, 'cause we'd never have gotten him away from chasing all the pigeons there. (He's got a real thing about birds. And it appears he may have a bit of a thing for dresses! Hahahahaha! That made my day!)

    Having a blast
    Fergi (and Jake)

    Please don't tell!

  8. what a wonderful European adventure!!


  9. Today, I'd like to comment on my pack members if I may. Dang! You got me fooled for a minute, I thought you were going to teach Linguini how to bake pizza! As for me...eternal gratitude for making me visible, once more. Sally Ann, the polka dot pink shirt looks smashing on you. Thank you, our pawesome tour guides!
    Twinkie and the gang

  10. Nowhere as magical as Venice!

    You are the most fantastic trip!

  11. We are getting to share so much...thanks for keeping us up to date. The trip has been fascinating to follow.

  12. Hi there Mack and Sally Ann!

    Thanks so much for today's tour. Seeing how those lovely murano is made is really great! I hope Mommy likes the murano souvenir i got for her. Maybe i should also get for Princess and Mocha, too. Or I'll just wait for the next stop.

    -Fudgie & the Piappies

  13. I didn't want to leave..the light in this bootiful city is the most flattewing i have evew been in, heheh
    Thank you so vewy much!!1I'm having the time of my life
    smoochie kisses


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