Monday, January 25, 2010

The rescue, well, not quite, a date

Weh, we finally made it up to Mango's house.

Mack took his girl friend out to eat after the ordeal she had to go through. I went to play with other terriers for a bit while they ate.

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We drove home after the date, so instead of a rescue, a date was had.
Sally Ann


  1. It was nice to see woo again!

    I'm glad woo are doing better too!

    Woo just wouldn't believe all I've been through ovFUR the past few weeks!


  2. Glad you got there, hope Mack enjoyed his date.

  3. I am sure Miss Khyra appreciated the top notch attentions that Mack gave her after that terrible experience.

    Nice ride too.


  4. that's a mighty fine ride you have there, Mack

  5. You guys did great! I am sure Khyra enjoyed seeing Mack, and appreciated the trouble you guys went too. Um,. well, the real Khyra that is.


  6. I bet it good for Khyra to get out after all the trauma!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. That's our car! You were so kind to help Khyra and we would so love to have tea with you soon.
    We will bake the scones.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. Mack we're glad you got to see your Khyragirl.Did she seem the same to you or a bit odd? We hope she was like her old self.
    XX-BRD & Hootie

    ps-Did you see Lacie anywhere around??x-H.

  9. Sally Ann
    how gweat that you and Mack got to have fun instead of having to mount a wescoo mission! I know that Khywa must have a pwweciated that wondewful time wif Mack aftew hew owdeel.

    Dwive cawefully going home! Did you evew stop by Scwuffy and babyStan's house?
    Lacie is ionnocent

    smoochie kisses

  10. That looks like a great date you all had!

    take care

  11. Khyra's your GIRLFRIEND? OH. Now never did stop by dear boy...

    But now my date book is quite full for the weekend...perhaps in February???

    And I dunno what this ordeal bit is all about...I mean it wasn't the easiest thing to keep havin' all that floof on my svelte petite lakie body...

    I think she might have a flea or two in there...



  12. Well, I understand. It's almost February, Valentine's Day is approaching, the birds are chirping ... C'est l'amour. Forget the rescue mission. Have fun, kidz.

  13. Fleas? Khyra has fleas? Oh, Mack, do be careful.

    (We have to believe our friend Lacie. She is so misunderstood.)

    Jake and Fergi


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