Saturday, September 5, 2009

What did Mommy bring us?

Hi Y'all, this is Sally Ann. Well, I have the answer to your questions.

First, I sniffed and sniffed.

Then, I sniffed some more. I'm quite good at sniffing.

Apparently, the great pumpkin has visited Petsmart. I have one of my Halloween costumes. I was so excited.

First, here is the picture of the costumes.

Well, my costume fit, but apparently, they just don't make Mack sized costumes. So if anyone has any peter pan costumes ideas that would fit a standard American Eskimo dog, please let my Momma know. She had to return the Peter Pan costume.

Well, here I am. I am Tink.

Look, I have wings.

Mack got something. He got a new everyday shirt. He likes to wear a shirt, so people don't really notice his wrap around. People only look at the shirt, not his wrap. He is white, so a blue wrap around his back sticks out quite a bit.

He told me, "Sally Ann, see I got something too."

Here is another of my handsome big brother. I sure do love him

His new everyday shirt says, Alpha dog. He is the Alpha dog, and he is the only dog whom I will listen to. He is after all, my big brother.

I have saved the very best for last. I got a woobie.

I chased it.

I chewed on it and squeaked it.

Well, I must go and play with my new woobie now. It is so much fun.
Sally Ann


  1. Mack you look very handsome in your new shirt and Sally Ann makes a perfect Tinkerbell! Your mom really plans ahead--getting your Howl-A-Ween costumes already!

  2. Woo are a khute khute Tinkerbell!

    WoobieWubbas are THE BESTEST toy!

    Sorry Makhk's Peter Pan khostume didn't fit his Makhkie strapping body! I'm sure he'll be handsome in whatever your mommy gets!


  3. Sally Ann I like you Tink fairy costume and the way your eyes match it in the photo. Nice job mom!
    Mack nice t-shirt. I know the disappoint of clothes not fitting. Happens to me sometimes when mom shops for me at Build a Bear. Sometimes mom makes alterations to them. I'm sure your mom will find something for you you still have time.

  4. There isn't much better than getting a new woobie, is there? Unless you get two new woobies☺

  5. Sally Ann!
    You look beautiful with your Tink costume!
    I am sure your mom will find something great for Mack too!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Those are really great costumes. I hope that your Mom can find the right size Peter Pan costume for Mack. The woobie looks like lots of fun! Mack, why do you have a wrap around?

    Teddy Bear

  7. Please for the love of all that is dogly, don't tell my Mom about the costume thing. She will go nuts and I do not care to get dressed up. You look very nice and I respect that it is your thing. It is not for me. I am glad you got a new toy, I would love one of those. Mack looks cool in his shirt.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  8. Try contacting Dawn at
    She is a really nice lady who made a custom hoodie for my large and hard to fit self. She is working on my halloween costume for me.


  9. P.S. Do tell her Mango sent you, OK?

  10. Homies are definitely good for going on PetSmart runs, aren't they? I guess they're worth keeping around.

  11. What bootiful clothes and costumes! Ya'll look sooo cute!

    Holloween is just around the corner, Yahoo!

    Riley and Star.

  12. You look super as tinker bell. Too bad about peter pan. We just got a wubba too as a gift from penny and ruby.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie and Bobo


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