Thursday, September 3, 2009

Color day

We were invited to participate in Miss Blue's color day.

We sat down and tried to think of RAINBOW day.

I wore my blue dress to write the blog.

I have lots of toys with many colors.

Well, my search of rain bow things has ended. I must go and rest on the bed now, so I bid y'all farewell for now.
Sally Ann


  1. Wow, you really captured rainbow colors well with your toy collection! Good job!

  2. Lots of colors in the toys! You did a good job with that. :)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  3. That sure is a very colorful assortment of toys! You're a lucky dog, Sally Ann!

  4. So many colorful toys. You must love playing with them.:)

    Teddy Bear

  5. arf arf we are happy you've joined in your big plaity ropey thing looks most interesting!

  6. You are a super stylish girl! You have lots of cool toys too.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo and Bobo

  7. Hi Sally Ann!
    Great job with the rainbow color! You look very pretty in your dress! I like your toys!


  8. Hi, Sally Ann!
    Good job with the True Colours!
    I like your dress!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. You wore yourself out. Poor little thing.

    Sweet dress. I can see that you are one of those well behaved terriers with good manners.


  10. you did a fantastic job! and i really really love that dress on you!

  11. wow! what colourful toys... and your dress is bootiful!

  12. All those bright colors can't help but make you smile! And Sally Ann you are like a rainbow with your blue dress and pink collar and natural coloring.

  13. Loevly rainbow colors! YOu might have as many dresses as Lorenza! And we love your future husband! Love A+A

  14. You did a fantastic job finding the rainbow color. Looks like fun too.

  15. Well you are both awesome with everything if you ask me. I know you didn't ask but I'm yapping anyway. What a great list of awesomness..then I loved all those welshie squares together what a cute site. Sorry you didn't get to go to the Spa Sally, bet you do next time. You can wear your cute blue frocksie!

    Wiry love and kissies Eric xxx

  16. My mom person says you have a better wardrobe than she does! I had a nice red varsity jacket, but I ate half of it. That was frowned upon.

  17. Opps!
    Sorry I'm late commenting here Sally Ann!
    Welcome to TCT.
    You look wonderful in your pretty blue dress Sally Ann and thats a fine rainbow selection of toys.

    Love, pats & pets


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