Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cats: Bob and Betty

Hi Y'all this is Mack.

I chose a picture from my Bark-mitsvah because it was a while ago.

I wanted to show y'all some photos of the cats. Bob and Betty, the scary cat from the Christmas pictures, wanted me to show y'all show better pictures of them. They are kinda of prissy. They live with my Nana. Bob was rescued by my Nana. When he first arrived, he was very ill. The VET said he would have lost his eye due to a severe upper respiratory infection. My mommy took Bob to doctor, and he was anti-biotic drops and pills. Every morning he had yucky green eyes. Now he is the king.

Here is Bob.

This is his royal pose. I will never kiss his paw though.

Here is Betty, the scary cat. She told me to tell you, "I am not that scary, and I am really a nice cat." Betty was adopted from Oconee County. For those not from Atlanta, Oconee County is an hour and half from Atlanta. Betty was found on My mommy drove down twice once to sign papers, and a second time to collect her. Mommy went the first time to pick up another kitten, but she choose Betty.

I am still a wee bit afraid of her. This is the Christmas photo which we have already used. Mommy can't tell me how to insert a link to an older blog.

If you want to see why we, I and Sally Ann, are afraid of her, simply enlarge.

Well, I must go to bed now.
Mack, the American Eskimo dog


  1. And woo are going to leave me with visions of KHATS?


  2. Mmmmhhhh, lots of yummy Kitty Kat shots!!! We LOVE Kitty Kats, yum!

  3. Well hello there! Nice to make your acquaintance. Thanks for visiting my bloggy - yours is super cool!
    You are the only other Mack I have seen on DWB!

    P(ee)S: I am a little afraid of kitties!

  4. Cats confuse me. I can see why you are scared. And if I were you I would be scared of that Santa dude too.


  5. Hi Mack..
    Thanks for sharing about bob and betty. Bob looks so regal in his chair. I agree with you.. give betty her distance. Thanks for wagging over to my blog. Nice to meet you.


  6. Hmmmm, yes, we can see why you would be scared of Betty! She looks very hissy in that picture. But as we think we said yesterday, we're afraid we'd probably be the same since we're not used to woofies in person.

    Betty and Bob are both very pretty kitties, though! We're very happy that Bob didn't lose his eye. :)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. This is y first time here1 I like your pictures and you Mack--I think you look like a very nice puppy!

  8. She did that right in front of Santa?!?! That's mighty cheeky!

  9. Hi, Mack!
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog!
    I'd be scared too! Betty does not look very friendly in that picture with Santa!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Hello Mack, you sure are a cutie.
    Betty does look scary in the picture. Maybe she doesn't like Santa??

    ~ Bae

  11. Oh wow! I know exactly why you are afraid of Betty... she's spitting on you instead of smiling at you!

    Me no likey kitties...except maybe to chase them...

  12. WEll you might as well know...we have a uhhhmmmmm slite how shall we say ,distaste for those things( we can not even say there name) Love A+A

  13. Mack et. al. Pleased to meetcha! Thanks for stopping by our blog! We love it when we make new friends! Looks like from your comments we've got some friends in common. One thing different... we don't have any experience with cats. Do you suggest we do something about that?

    Jake and Fergi

  14. Well she does look quite rude, doesn't she!


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