Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Hi Y'all, this is Mack. I have been thinking, as the weather is not dry or sunny here. I wanted to show y'all what we think about when we can't go outside.

First something fun to think about, I love it when Mommy reads to me. Sally Ann also likes Mommy to read to her. Especially on days when we can't really walk a lot outside.

One of my favorite rainy day books is "Mcduff moves in."

I like it for three reasons.
1. Mcduff is part of my show name, Lord Duncan of Mcduff. I've never been a show dog, and I can't anyway because of my ears. Oh well, I'm just a Momma's boy.
2. There is a little white dog in the story, and I am a little white dog.
3. Sally Ann is a terrier, and I love her;but, don't tell her.

Sally Ann also likes this story because she says Mcduff is very cute, and she thinks the coconut herbal bath might be nice.

Sally Ann and I both love this story, Angus and the cat.

We like because there is a little dog in the story.

The next story, Mr Cookie Baker, is another of our favorites. We love cookies, and any book about cookies is ok by us.

Sally Ann loves, Hands are not for Hitting, because she is in the book.

There is Sally Ann.

Another of Sally Ann's rainy day collection is a girly book.

Barbie Fashion show fun, uh.

Sally Ann likes to think about her BFF, Kitty.

Oh Tanner, if you are not attached, Kitty is single.
She has a special friend, but if you play your cards right. She could be your special friend.

Well, I must go and supervise while Mommy empties the dishwasher and folds clothes.


  1. Thank you for sharing your fav books with us.

    Teddy Bear

  2. Do you two stay out of trouble if your mom reads to you? If so I'll pass the word along to my mom's friend.

    This friend's daughter went away to college. The mom washed the bedding from her daughter's bed. She had put it all back, but the fluffy comforter. Her dog snuk in the bedroom and peed on the bed, just after her mom put clean bedding back. I think she was miffed at her sissy for going away.

    By the way those look like great books.

  3. I love supervising too! You gotta keep the homies in line.

  4. I like reading too. One of my most favorite books is Walter the Farting Dog. He reminds me of... ME!

    That little BT gal looks just up Tanner's alley.


  5. Reading has got to be one of the most special things there is. We loved seeing your book collection.

    Enjoy those stories,
    Jake and Fergi

  6. Hi, Mack and Sally Ann!
    You have a pawesome collection of books!
    I will tell my mom about them!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Actually Tanner is MARRIED. Which really is the best because he is not suited for dating. LOL Kitty is really adorable though!!

  8. Awww! what a great collection of books! I gotsa second the "walter the farting dog" cause that's me and momster!

  9. It's wonderful that you two are so interested in reading! Our Mommy never reads to us. We wonder what we're missing? We must scold her about that this weekend.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  10. Mom and I try to make time everyday to cuddle on the bed while she reads aloud. We just finished "The Art of Racing in the Rain" whose main character is a dog named Enzo. It was very good but sad in parts. Now we are reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" and mom likes it because it takes place in Chicago where she lived most of her life.

  11. well hey there mack! glad to meet you! sorry it took me so long to get back to you! My sister helps me blog- but when she got married she moved in with her husband, and they have a blog of their own with their babies--- it's at The World Of Hansel She still helps me visit now and then, but i'm afraid i don't blog as often as i'd like!

  12. G'day Mack & Sally Ann
    You've got a great array of books there. We've got one to. Ours is a cook book for dogs and we love it. Mind you the pinkies have never cooked us anything from the book.....sigh.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  13. You are very lucky dogs. Our mom reads to us, too, but she reads stuff that she is interested in, not nice doggy picture books. We have to listen to stuff about history and people that lived a long time ago. But it's better then nothing. Maybe after reading your blog, mom will get the idea and get us some books that are more interesting.

  14. Mango is khorrekht about Tanner/Doofus -

    Tank woo fur sharing your special books!



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