Saturday, August 22, 2009

A day at the park

Hi, this is Sally Ann. We went to the park. I took my best friend with me.

Before the big, we went on small walk.

I saw Max, Kitty's boyfriend.

Isn't she cute.

This is Sky, my silky terrier neighbor.

Now, the park!

Off we go!

First we met another neighbor, Argyle and his sister Sophie.

Kitty was very social.

I made a new friend.

Then we went to the playground.

I went to swing.

Look I can pump.

Then Kitty and I climbed a lot.

We climbed a lot!

Soon Kitty wanted to get down.

Next I played on the cars.

Then I climbed down the slide.

Finally, Kitty and I decided to leave.

Mack said the play equipment was for little dogs, so he didn't play on it. He waited for us to play.

Today we had pizza, but I was so bushed from playing on the play equipment;so, Mack said he would finish.

This is Mack, Sally Ann is resting now.

We had pizza.

Were ready.

Now, please now.

Well, that is all we have done. Sally Ann wanted to send the picture of her favorite teddy bear, Charlie Bear, to Bob. Charlie is very old, so if he needs to draw up a will, he will call upon Bob T. Bear, Esq.



  1. Did woo get PIZZA BONES???


    Tank woo fur sharing your khool trip to the park!

    I bet woo will sleep furry furry well tonight!


  2. Looks like you had a fun day at the park. And what a treat to end the day with pizza! We bet you both slept like logs.
    Love, Inky and Molly

  3. When I saw that pizza I couldn't even remember anything else you wrote about. PIZZA!!!!


  4. Your Park looks uber cool! Lots of fun stuff to play on and lots of doggies! And THEN pizza... it is like you guys live in heaven!

  5. Ooh I like Sally Ann's yellow back pack! And PIZZA, yum!

  6. Conner, Chip, and Cami had a great time hanging your pack!


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