Friday, August 14, 2009

My Family

Hi Bloggie world, this is Mack.

It has occurred to me that perhaps you have been wondering why I wear a little blue wrap around thing. Here I am wearing it.

Sometimes, I have accidents, so this helps me to not make a mess. I really love Mommy, and I want to please her.

Here I am with Mommy, just me.

There are two other members of my animal family.

Bob and Betty

Bob is the gray tabby and Betty is the calico with angel wings. Sally Ann and I are wearing brother and sister outfits.

Here she is dressed as angel, but she didn't act like one. She tried to scratch and bite the baby. I can pick on, but I am the only one.
If you want to see how scary she looks, then bigify this picture. My Nana is also in this picture.

I really do love my Mommy and sissy. They are my two favorite girls.

I also think Khyra is just amazing. If I could, I would send her a bottle of my glucosamine tablets. Mommy says she doesn't know her address, so I can't.Therefore, I will send her a virtual bottle of glucosamine. So here it is:

Well, I must go. Mack


  1. I take the glucosamine too! Momma says it helps my big joints from getting sore. It is very stressful to carry my large and handsome self about.

    I saw Santa once, but I was totally afraid of him. You are very brave.

    What a good pup you are to wear your blue band so mom doesn't get mad at you.


  2. Wow, Sally Ann sure isn't an angel. I enlarged the photo! Wowie Zowie, Sally Ann!

    It's very good of you to wear the blue belt. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Especially to please Mom.

  3. Please pop ovet to our blog we have an award for you.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. Well we think it is very nice of you to wear that band!! And Archie and I take glucosmaine too!!! Love A+A

  5. Betty looks pretty scary in that picture! We wouldn't want to mess with her!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Tank woo fur sharing your furamily pikhs!

    Woo look like an angel - of khourse, we all know what I think about those KHAT things!

    Tank woo fur the virtual bottle of magikhk hip and joint pills! Someday when I'm much older and need them, I'll keep them in mind!


  7. Ailsa uses thems glucosmaine to, each evnin I hear the bottle get opened so I run to gets a pretend one as I cants have ailsa having a chees treat and me nots get one.

  8. I use Glucosamine too! momster puts it in my food and since I gobble everything down like a vacuum cleaner I don't taste anything funny! BOL!

    Love the family pictures... wish it were Christmas already!


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