Friday, August 7, 2009

Sally, the lifegaurd

Hi, this is my first blog. Mack finally let me write. I had to beg and plead, but he finally said OK. Well, today I was a lifeguard. I even have a lifeguard bathing suit. Here I am at the pool.

I have a real lifeguard bathing suit.

I had to talk to some of the children because they clearly were braking the rules. I had to ride in a float because it was fun, and I seemed to go faster on the float. Little children are hard to watch. ( I think Mommy's nose is big.) Humans look funny, don't they. Mommy looks better at other angles.

The children still did not listen, so I had to talk to more children.

These children well just did not want to listen to me. So, as a good lifeguard, I kept at it.

Finally, the pool was safe, and I decided to get out.

It was a wonderful day. I kept all the wee patrons safe, and I had fun with Mommy. My friend Anna had to help me out of the pool. After all, a good lifeguard needs many assistants.

I must go, my good napping spot is looking very attractive.
Your lifeguarding Welsh terrier friend,
Sally Ann


  1. What a great life guard you are, Sally Ann! The kids all look safe and they're all having a great time! Nice work!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. WowBowWowie! You are a special type of lifeguard! I want one of those suits now too. Glad to meet you & thx for coming to our blog. It's goos to meet a new Welshie Sally Ann. In case you didn't know, I've been looking for a "special girlfriend". We need to talk!!
    WelshKisses & Hugs, Hootie

    Sorry Sally, Hootie comes on a bit strong. He is always bothering all the other little terrier girls too. He turned 1 year a few months ago and though he is fixed seems obcessed with finding a mate! Welcome to bloggie land!
    AireKisses, BabyRocketDog

  3. Hello Sally Ann.

    We are most impressed with your Life guard skills, excellent work keeping all those children nice and safe.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. You are a most talented lifeguard. It is hard to maintain order with so many of those little humans splashing about.


  5. Hi Sally Ann, Butchy, Snickers, and Sylvester sent us over to say hello. That is really cool that you get to be a lifeguard. We don't think any pups are allowed in the pools around here. It sure looks like those kids like you a lot.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Good job Sally! I can tell those swimmers felt safer with you in the pool.

  7. Nice work, Sally Ann! I'm Bajas and I'm from Norway. I blog with my kittie brother Virus at


  8. How on earth did you get this job? That looks like the best gig ever (to me, Inky Pup, anyway)... We hope that it doesn't give you itchy skin and that you do not swallow too much chlorinated water...


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