Saturday, August 29, 2009

Super Saturday

Hi, y'all. This is Mack, the mighty and wise. I wanted to tell y'all that I so excited about making new friends.

I sure like to think about all my new friends while resting on my bed(Mommy says it is her bed, but I still insist, it is mine).

Sally Ann loves all of her new terrier friends.

Sally Ann and I have made some really nice and very cute teddy bear friends:
Bob T Bear (esq.)'s Diary
Buttons BeCause
Orso Bear, Esq
Sir Woodstock's World
Making Wanted -

We have even made new duck friend:

Adventures of George The Duck

We even have made a hamster friend. She is very cute.
A Hamsterrific Blog

And of course, we have made so many new wonderful doggie and kitty friends.

Sally Ann loves all of her Airedale, Welsh, and Lakeland friends. She would love to make more friends, and she loves thinking of all her new e-buddies.

I am very grateful to meet some Eskies. They are very few and far between in the south.

  1. A Square Dogs Blog
  2. Agatha and Archie's page
  3. Aire Foxy Fun Time
  4. Airedale Heaven
  5. An English Shepherd
  6. Army of Four Digest
  7. Asta's World
  8. Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie
  9. Bogart Handsome Devil, Aire...
  10. Brownie Barks
  11. Butchy & Snickers Blog-...
  12. Casper D Dog
  13. Casper's Adventures
  15. Ellie and Baz
  16. Ender the Eskie
  17. everything, nothing and dog...
  18. Ezzy Riders and Jaggers Adv...
  19. Go with Gus
  20. Hamish & Yuna
  21. Hamish the Westie
  22. Hana the Dog
  23. Hi...I'm Abby xxxooo
  24. I'm Ralph!
  25. Inky and Molly's adventures
  26. JB's Small World
  27. Joe Stains
  28. Khyra's Khorner - Khome On By!
  29. Kids in Dog Suits
  30. kind Hearts
  31. La vie trépidante et mouvem...
  32. les deux chats
  33. Life With Dogs
  34. Ludo, Ludwig van Doggy
  35. Mack's Mess
  36. Petey's playhouse
  37. Princess Isis
  38. Nanook and Pooka
  39. Nelly's 'Blob'
  40. Noah's Bark
  41. Stella's World
  42. Sweet Praline
  43. Teddy's Tales
  44. Terrier fun with Molly,Taff...
  45. The 'splorin' Wolfies
  46. Scruff, Lac and Stan's Place
  47. Tosca the Dog
  49. White Dog Diary Online
  50. The Daily Oskar
  51. The Kitty Krew

I wanted to Thank all of my new friends for reading my blog, and all of those whose blogs I enjoy reading. So, I put together a Thank you award for all of y'all.

Well, here it is:

Well, as we are a bit new to all this, so you may do what you wish with your award. Pass this along to anyone you like. Mommy always says, who can resist a smiling Eskie.

Lord Duncan of McDuff


  1. Hi, Mack and Sally Ann!
    I am so happy to be your friend!
    The big bed here belongs to me... and I share it with my mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. That's the best kind of award to win ever! Thanks so much.

    Your pal,


  3. We love making new friends too. All of us in Houston-town send a big thanks to you! Bentley Beargrass, Walter and Jax the Chihuahuas, Bridgette the Basset Hound and introducing Miss Ricki Roux the Airedale-hound mixed girl that came back to live with us! WooHoo!

  4. Awwwww what a lovely post. Thanks for visiting our blog and being our friends. It was very sweet of you to give this award to us all.

    Thanks so much.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  5. No one can resist an Eskie smile!:) I am so glad to know you and Sally Ann. Friends are wonderful!

    Teddy Bear

  6. Such a nice smile! We like reading about your adventures.


  7. Awww! Thank you for the award! You're absolutely right that it is IMPOSSIBLE to resist an eskie smile! :)

  8. Woo! Thanks so much for the cool award! That's mighty nice of you!
    It's great to make new friends - and you DO have an irresistible smile!

  9. We love making new friends!

    Your fellow Mack,
    Mack T. Beans

  10. Awww, thanks so much for the award! We're very happy to have met you, too. We're usually kinda scared of woofies since we don't see them much in real life, but you woofies are really nice! :)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. Oh wow, that is so cool! I am honored to be your first duck blogger friend. Thank you so much for the awards. I don't think anyone can resist a smiling Eskie.
    You are awesome, too, so you've been tagged. Stop by my blog to see, if you want to play that is.

  12. Hi Mack and Sally Ann!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice comment. Hope we can be great friends!:)


  13. Thank-you for your friendship and the sweet award


    Ezzy Rider, Jagger and Claire-dale

  14. Thank you for the wonderful award guys!!!

  15. Your smile is especially heartwarming, Mack. Thanks so much for the kind words and the thoughtful award. I am so glad we are becoming friends!

  16. Ah, but what about your wire fox terrier friends?

    We'll be happy to be included!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

    (We sleep in our own beds next to our humans' big bed... or underneath it... or on the cool wood in the dressing room... or anywhere our paws take us in the middle of the night.)

  17. Hey pals! Woooo!!!I'm thrilled with my cool award from you two cuties and I'm wagging to me your new friend. Now what's this about you sleeping on the biggy bed...whats that? Am I being mislead by the leggeds????

    Wiry wags of thanks with lots of kisses Eric xxx

  18. thanks for the friendship award we are pleased we have meet you too
    will post it on our bloggie with pride

  19. And I'm furry happy to have woo as my Eski BF!

    And your khool sisfur!

    Tank woo fur the pawesome award!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry I've not made it to your blog this week - we got in a deep blog hole - and are trying to dig out - right now we are at 158 - YIKES!

  20. Thank you so much, I'm so proud that you mentioned me & gave me an award!

  21. I like making new friends too. Bob T. Bear esq. is very cool. I don't have any duck friends yet, that sounds like fun.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  22. oh! thank you so very much for thinking of us! we love to meet new friends---Eski's sure are cute--huh?

  23. Hi Mack and Sally Ann, we would love to your furiends too. Please stop by our blog and say hello.

    woos, the OP Pack

  24. Oh thank you so much for the pawsome award. I think you're such cute doggies friends too

    ~ Bae

  25. Thanks for adding me Mack and Sally Ann! Your Mommie is right. Who can resist a smiling Eskie. Teehee!

  26. What a cool award!
    I am sorry we are so late in coming by for this, but my mom is worthless. We love eskies too!


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