Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My favorite toy, the tennis ball.

Hello Bloggie world. This is Sally Ann. I have been pondering what to write about, and then I had a revelation. I will write about my favorite toys, the tennis ball.

Mack said I did I good job on life guarading post, so he is letting post by myself.

I'm not sure why tenniss end up in the strangist places. They are under the chair.

They end up on the bed.

Of course, I can always find them in my toy box.

It seems like dogs all over the world seem to like balls of all shapes.

Taffy and Molly like tennis balls in England

Dyos et Faya aiment jouer avec les balls de tennis comme moi, et ils ont perdu une balle sous le canape une fois. Voici les photos qui venient de leur site. L'homme, le papa de Dyos et Faya, doit retrouver la balle de tennis pour Faya et Dyos.

Dyos and Faya love playing with tennis balls like me, and once they lost a ball under the couch. Here are the photes from their site where the man, their daddy, had to get the tennis ball for them.

Voici les photos:

D'abord leur site, Faya demande a Dyos de retrove la balle de tennis, mais ce n'est pas possible

According to their site, Faya ask Dyos to get the ball, but that was impossible

Les chiens doit demander a leur Papa de retrouver la balle de tennis.

The dogs had to ask their daddy to get the tennis ball.

Petey from New York plays with tennis balls.

Even Asta from New York likes to chew on tennis balls.

Well, I must go and chew my tennis ball now. So, I must bid you farewell for now.

Bye Bye,
Sally Ann


  1. Thanks for the email! Sorry for being so slow to respond. We're glad to meet you! Our balls always end up under the furniture too. We think there must be an alien living under that that sucks them in.

  2. Ah oui c'est terrible ces balles qui vont se cacher. Tu crois qu'elles le font exprès ?
    Bisous et amuses-toi bien !

  3. Saly Ann congratulations on a lovely post. We do indeed love to play with tennis balls and occassionally chew them to little bits!

    You have a fantastic toy box full of wonderful toys.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. We all find toys we like and toys we just tolerate!

    I'm not much for tennis balls but I do love my wubba!

    Tank woo fur sharing your tennis ball khollekhtion with us!


  5. Our friend, Velcro in California has a permanent tennis ball in her mouth, Sally Ann!
    You sure do have a lot of them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Well you don't know us well enogh yet but I ( agatha)have a "bomb shelter" under the bed where I stash all of MY favorite toys and ARchie is not allowed in.. I have lot sof balls under there too!! Love A+A


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