Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walking with Mommy

Hi Y'all, this is Mack. I wanted to write about one of my favorite things: Walking.
Tonight, Sally Ann's best friend walked with us. She is a Boston Terrier. Her name is Kitty.

Now I am ready to write, I've eaten, and I am ready to type:

Firstly, Mommy put our leashes on.

We had to tell Mommy to hurry up, she was so slow.

Finally, we were off to walk.

We went to pick up Sally Ann's best friend, Kitty. Sally Ann loves playing with Kitty. Here is Sally Ann waiting at her door.

Kitty came to the door, and she was ready to walk.

Then we walked, all three of us, Me, Sally Ann, and Kitty.

We even saw some birds.

Here we are, sitting for the camera.

When we arrived home, we ate, and then Sally Ann put on one of her night - night shirts. She really isn't a diva, but Mommy thought the shirt was cute.

Well, that all for now. Bye Bye Mack


  1. WOW!

    It looks like woo had khwite the stroll!

    As fur 'FURIENDS' in my life...well, I don't have an Eskie BF.

    My rule is one per breed...I khurrently have a Sibe, a Malamute, and a Rotti...so I do have an Eskie opening.

    Are woo still interested?


  2. A doggie named Kitty?! Something is not right here!
    We love our walkies too, Mack!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. You are right ! Walkies are great and it is more better with friends !!!
    Kisses, Faya

  4. HELLLLOOOO!!! Butchy and Snickers and all the kitties sent us!!! WE are Archie and Agatha 2 wire fox terriers from Boston Masachewsitts and we are pooping by to say hello to you guys!! Before us our pack leaders( PL1and PL2) had a little welshie!!!!! You are both adorable!! Com eand visit!! Love A+A

  5. Hi, Mack and Sally Ann! We came over to see you from Butchy and Snickers' bloggy! We just looooove your shirt, Sally Ann! Penny wears one whenever it storms. She's afraid of thunder and somehow the shirt calms her down. We don't know what part of Atlanta you live in, but we live about 30 miles north of Atlanta, in Cumming.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches


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