Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sally Ann the terrier, please vote for her

Hi, this is Mack. I am here to campaign for my sister. I am going to tell you why she is a good terrier.

She like kids, and keeps them safe.

She like other dogs.

She loves her toys.

She loves clothes, and she looks quite cute.

She is very aware of the potential of sun damage, so she wears her rashgaurd shirt and sunglasses in the sun.

She loves princesses, and has several costumes.

She has only faux furs, as she is very smart.

She loves to walk with me, and her best friend, Kitty(the Boston).

She works as a lifeguard in the summer to help buy her treats.

She loves to go to parties with Mommy. Here they are dressed alike.

She is always very helpful to give me a back massage when I need one.

She always smiles, so I think she would best represent the terriers in the dog show.



  1. You had me with the first photo, Mack. Sally Ann is a darling. Swim baby, swim! I have yet to meet a more supportive pair of siblings. You guys move me. Now cut it out because I don't want to make myself crazy getting ideas about being nice to Frankie. Not gonna happen

  2. That was certainly a very impressive case you put forward!
    We are losing track of where things are now at Mango Minster but will head over and look for good terriers.
    Good luck
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps the beagle in the pic is a wee basset that looked like our mum's last basset Harry. Our Dad bought him for her years ago - he just waits at the door and never moves......or goes out! Still at least he doesn't steal our treats!

  3. Okay, NEXT year we are gonna vote for everything Sally Ann is in...I told Baby that and she has agreed.I asked my Daddy to vote for Sally Ann in the Sit-Stay competition, and he did.I just think she's a cutiepie.
    ps-Valentine Day is coming up & I was wonderin...

  4. What a sweet brother you are. Sally Ann is a very lucky girl.

  5. Aww. Mack. You are so nice to your sissie Sally Ann. She looks so pretty with your mommy and so cozy all cuddled close to you. Your family is very lucky to have you both. Just like we are very lucky to be your friends. You are what sweetness and kindness is all about!

    Stay that way!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  6. Good luck in the voting. We know you will do just great,

  7. What an excellent post, Mack, I never knew all those things about your sister Sally Ann. She looks alot like a nice gal named Cleo that I play with at Terrier Time on Monday afternoons. Does she bark with a Southern accent, too?

    Your pal,


    P.S. My word verification was "Judging!"

  8. What a cutie Sally Ann is and a great sport! Have fun at the dog show!

  9. Hi, Mack!
    Sally Ann sure is a good terrier but more than that she is the best sister you could have!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Mack, what a wonderful big brother you are to speak on your sister's behalf. You make an excellent argument, for Sally Ann is all of the things you mentioned PLUS she has a generous and compassionate heart! Good luck to her.

  11. Hey there Mack
    That really is a good campaign you have going there. Good luck with the competition...and ENJOY it!
    Thank you for all your love and support

  12. Swimming as well as matching, very good.

  13. Oh, Sally Ann, What an ambassador you are for the terrier breed! Mack, you are very noble, me lad, to brad on your sis! I think I would just create mayhem if I had a sis (and I might very soon--stay tuned to my blog).

    Irish hugs and kisses,
    Love, McGillicutty

  14. Mom wanted to know if she could trade you Sally for me---- wait a minute. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!

  15. You got my vote, just for the record! What a great year it's been for the show!

  16. Thanks for visiting Stumpy's blog! You certainly did an awesome job campaigning for Sally!

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww DIlly think be very pwinsessy! Dilly luv pwinsessy dwesses an furs!



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