Monday, February 8, 2010

Le poem de l'amour

Mon amour. . .

Elle est si belle,
Elle est si manifique,
Je pense qu'elle est la fille assez assez manifique,
Elle pourait dancer, chanter, et m'aimer,
Je l'aime comme un oiseau aime le ciel.
Lord Macduff


  1. Mais, absolument. Moi aussi, je pense que ton amour est magnifique. Trop belle, trop magnifique. Elle est superbe.
    A pluis tarde, mes amis

  2. Oh Mack! Miss Khyra will be smitten for sure.


  3. Whew...Mack is pullin' out all the stops here. French stuff,no less. I hope you are better at it than muzzer, who once asked her hostess where she could wash her horse, rather than where she could wash her hair. Fortunately, Dad saved Muzzzer from being directed to the stable to take a shower.

    But Truly, Miss Khyra is very special indeed, and I think you make a handsome couple.


  4. Hi there Mack,

    Your love poem is so sweet! Khyra is such a lucky pup! You're really getting all geared up for your date. Weeeee

    Go Mack Go!

    Scrappy, Bullet & the Piappies

  5. That is love!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. No bootiful giwl has heawd mowe bootiful wowds of love..and youw amouw cewtainly desewves them..
    Khywa heawt will fly to you like that iseau in the ciel
    smoochie kisses

  7. Mack, me lad! You go boy! Khyra will fall slowly, madly. deeply in love with you. Take it from the Irishman!

  8. Khyra must be so flattered to have such a beautiful love poem from you Mack.

  9. Is that a poem? It sounds pawsome.

    ~ Bae

  10. I have no idea what that means - I just think love is in the air! ooh lala!


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