Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hi, this is Sally Ann. . .

I wanted to thank y'all for voting for my big brother Mack. I enrolled in the terrier group, but there are so many cute and talented terrriers that I don't think I have a great chance. So, I wanted to ask y'all to think of Mack because I really want him to be honored.
I am not really even terrier like. I am an atypical welsh terrier girl. Even the Welsh human mommies at the ATC say that I am very calm and not - welsh like. Many of the welsh girl doggies that I know like to bark and growl at me. I just want to play with them.

I've been practicing for my earthdoging even soon. I might soon be a Sally Ann, JE. I only need two legs, then I can be a bi-ped, ha ha. If there are any doggies in Atlanta with PAL #'s or registered with AKC, there is a great event Valentines weekend.

Sally Ann


  1. Sally Ann, you're a doll. You're a fabulous sissy, you're atypical (love that about you) and you shared some important information too. I live very far from Atlanta and that's why I can't join you the fun weekend activities you mentioned.

  2. Wow...Teka would never do that for me! You are a super good sissie.


  3. Sometimes we play earthdog by digging holes in the back yard.
    Alanis & Miro

  4. You are a kind Welsh Terrier, that is not normal, but it is great you are. That sounds like a fun day.

  5. You are the sweetest sissy ever, Sally Ann! Mack is lucky to have you!
    We can't wait to hear about your earthdoggie day!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Clever girl, Sally Ann!
    We've had to read up on Earth dog training - it sounds like fun! I think Nelly would love to do something like that - she loves tossing rats!
    Hope Mack does well in Mango Minster!

    Finni xx

  7. EarthDog is probably fun but what about EarthCat? hee hee

  8. And we khan tell by THAT woo are sooooo NOT a Lakie!


  9. You are indeed atypical...and the world could use many more like you (both with 2 and with 4 legs)...loyal...calm...supportive...generous of spirit...and so very loving! It is a privilege to know you.

  10. It's been so much fun to watch the competition! :)

  11. Sally Ann. We are running soooo far behind. How is Mack feeling??????

    We're sorta alike, you know? Non-typical terriers. Calm. Friendly. Personable. Or would that be doggable? Anyhow ... we like us. And you. And we're glad we're friends.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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