Friday, February 26, 2010

Paris day two

Our day started out at the Musee D'Orsay

Then, to Notre Dame

Then, we got some treats and ice cream.

Finally, Gus wanted to buy some Chocolate for his Mommy. He said it was because of something he did wrong a while back.

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  1. I'm sure that did it Gus!

    Muzzer will furgive woo now!


  2. Mack
    You have made the pawfect itenewawy

    the Musee D'Owsay is one of my vewy favowites in the wowld..thank you fow taking us, and that ice cweam at Bewthillon aftew Notwe Dame was scwumptious

    Thank You Thank You so vewy much
    smoochie bisous

  3. Moma and our Girl talk about the Musee D'Orsay all the time. We've even got a big book of impressionism on our coffee table. Now we can show them the beautiful paintings we actually saw! They sort of remind us of the paintings that that famous doggie does who paints them himself and then sells them for benefits. We've forgotten his name. It must be the yummy French treats and ice cream. They've made us very sleepy.

    Tomorrow should be so much fun! We are already looking forward to it. Thank you for making this trip to Paris so special!

    Jacques and Fergi xxoo

  4. Oh Mack, How exciting this trip is for all of us! Hootie especially likes seeing all these great places with Sally Ann. :<)
    Smooches, BabyRocketDog

    I'm so happy that I got to see the French Masters AND have ice cream and treats with Miss Sally Ann!! I'm in heaven, I get carried away. I dream of her & me, and how it's gonna be!! (from a very old song Mama taught me.)
    WelshieHugs & MORE kissses fro S.A.,

  5. Still having a good time, the weather looks quite good to

  6. Good idea, Gus. That will make mom forget any prior transgressions. You are seeing many wonderful sights for sure.


  7. Mack and never realized Gus knew I was mad at him. He pretty much ignores any problem that doesn't limit his food intake. Y'all be careful and don't eat any of my is very bad for doggies.

    have a great time

    gussie's muzzer

  8. What a wonderful tour of the city!!

    Have a pawsome weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. Oh, Mack, you're an excellent tour guide. I mean, what's better than the combination of culture and ice cream and chocolates? Besides, my heels were killing me and I was dying for the break. Meanwhile, this is the first time I take off and I forgot we took Frankie with us, so she's also posting at home BOL What a messs I made :)

  10. So nice to see dogs enjoying Paris. European and UK eating establishments are more dog-friendly than those in the USA.
    Alanis (At least I have a French name) & Miro (Hmph, well, my name is Spanish)

  11. Oh, Mack and Sally! What fun you guys are having! That was a great gift that Gussie bought for his Mom. I've learned that giving Mom's chocolate does indeed smooth things over for a while.

    Wishing I was in France,
    Irish Love,

  12. The ice cream there was delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. oooh that was such a fun day and Berthillon is the BEST......mumster says you brought back wonderful memories for her and she wished she had joined us ( why would we want a snoopervising hooman along bol??????)

    TQ so much for including my pain of a sista Tiffy
    thanks for all the hard work in organising this trip which i will have wonderful memories for the rest of my dawg life, TQ



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