Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I thought wrong. . .

Hi y'all, it's me, Sally Ann, again. . .

Mommy told me that Mack was enrolled in the hard working dog group, and he was not in the sporting dog group. I goofed, sorry. Mack said it was OK, and he wasn't upset. He is in the hard working group. For some reason, I can't fathom why it would hard work to be my big brother. I am sweet, loving, and I want to be with him at all times. Don't all little sisters want that? Well, I have to go night - night now, and Mommy is calling me. I get to choose the night - night story tonight. My favorite is a puppy Clifford story.
Night - Night,
Sally Ann

P. S. I was a bit upset as Mommy couldn't publish some of the nice comments y'all left. So, if anyone left a nice comment, and it wasn't published;Mommy and I saw them, but we had a Chinese or Japanese comment we tried to reject. Then we somehow lost about 10 or so comments.


  1. Inigo says it's hard work being my big brother too - I agree - what's that about??


  2. we think mack deserves to win all the medals cos he's a real trooper and is still with us all... maybe he will vote for doyle in bad sports cos he needs some help that is fur sure loves and licks

  3. It can be a hard work having a little sister, following you about.

  4. Nighty-night Sally Ann!! Sweet dreams to you...

  5. Oh ish! I hate those spam comments. What is up with that?

    Good luck tonight Mack in the hard working group. It is jam packed with lots of good doggies.


  6. Mack sounds like a kind, patient big brother. And you Sally Ann, sound like a very sweet, loving little sister!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  7. Wow. We are glad you told us about Mack and the working dog group. We really felt bad that we couldn't find him and vote for him in the sporty dog group.

    Keep on keeping on.


  8. Sally Ann, we've had some of those comments in an oriental language too. We tried to delete them, but failed. Now, we just ignore them! We hope you have a great weekend!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  9. We had great trouble leaving comments lately. I think Blogger was broken!
    Good luck in the hard working group competition Mack! Glad you're better too
    Nelly xx

  10. As long as he is taking part! It is all fun!
    There have been quite a few of those comments that link to a nasty site! Best deleted.
    Enjoy your night night story.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  11. Hi, Sally Ann. You mixed up your brothers group and you deleted our comments? BOL It's okay... Your bro is not mad at you and our comments, well, you got to read them and that's what matters. With that cute face starting us out, all is forgiven, my furiend. :)

  12. Good Luck, Mack, in the competition! Sally Ann you are a wonderful little sister but being the big brother comes with awesome responsibilities to look out for you and your well being.

  13. Gosh I wud rarther be in a Sport groop than a Hard Werk groop! Hehe!

    Under chin tikkols,



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