Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An entry for the sit and stay contest

Look, I have such a good sit/stay that I can sit next to a box of fresh hot pizza.

I am sitting and staying because I like wearing my pretty pink silk dress.

This is the back of my dress. I've included this picture so you could see the back of my dress

Sally Ann and Mack


  1. You two are soooo good!
    Sit and stay is something I don't get very well!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Mack - that is amazing that you have such restraint while in the sit/stay command! Pizza bones are my weakness!!

    Sally Ann, you look so beautiful in your dress, and I really like the pretty bow on the back. Pink is very becoming on you!


  3. Pawesome job, you two. Did you guys get some pizza bones?

    Teddy Bear

  4. I'm furry impressed!

    SitAndStay is not in this Sibe's vokhabulary!

    Good lukhk!

    The REAL Khyra

  5. my momma says we cant enter cos we are so bad at staying woah mack thats pretty good staying skills but we think its even better you have decided to stay on earth a bit longer thats a winner in our books! loves and licks

  6. You need to win. That pizza would have been toast if it were our dogs!

  7. That is very good sit/staying guys.
    Sally Ann, you look so pretty in your pink dress.

    Noah x

  8. Your pink dress is just beautiful, Sally Ann!
    No way could we sit quietly next to a box of pizza, Mack! We sure hope you got a piece of that for being so good!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Wow both of you look very dapper in your bright and colorful costumes!

  10. lol put us next to papa john's and we wouldn't eat it either! we hate the stuff! :) but we know lots of people like it. :) oh well!

    that is an excellent sit and stay! i told hansel to keep waiting for the mail- we are very excited. Also, did little sally enter the Mango Minster dog contest? She did so well at halloween, we feel she should def. enter the contest!

    (besides, we are sponsoring the first place winner in the terrier group!)

    And mack should enter the non sporty with Isis! Lets get more eskies in the ring!

  11. That pizza box musta been empty!!

    And you look absolutely stunning in your pink evening gown Miss Sally Ann.

  12. How good is that to stay sitting with a Pizza.
    Well what can we say the pink dress is fabulous such a pose deserves an award.

  13. You both sit and stay vurry well! Good luck in the contest!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  14. You guys are great at sit/stay!!!
    Thank you for the Welshie kisses - they made my leg feel so much better!
    I'll keep my paws crossed for you at Mango Minster!
    Nelly xx

  15. Wow Mack! I don't know how you can sit by the pizza without trying to get a taste of it! :)

    Sally Ann, your dress is soooo pretty! My favorite color! :)


  16. And the winners are: Mack for his restraint and Sally Ann for her pretty silk dress. Wait, I'm not a judge. Ooops.

  17. What a gorgeous pink dress! You look beautiful!

  18. Not only are you both so well behaved and have excellent party are stylish as well!

  19. You both do great sit/stays! Only one of us, around here, can do a good sit/stay. It's Patches! Penny and I, Poppy pretty much do whatever we want. We know how, we just don't do it!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  20. We are thinking we would never sit beside a box of pizza where our noses were not inside the box.

  21. Wow - we are impressed with the sit and stay by the pizza box.

    We would forget about the sit and stay and instead eat all the pizza and then proceed to eat the box because it smelled like pizza!

  22. I can't even sit and stay in the same ROOM as a box of pizza!!! holy cow!

  23. Good job, Mack, but that Sally Ann! Wow! A most stylish sit / stay for sure.



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