Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughtfull talking thursday

Hi it's me, Sally Ann.  We are back.  Today we slept late, it was 10:30 when we got up. Wow, it was late.  Andy tried to get Mommy up by giving her kisses.  He loves Mommy very much.  Then, Mommy had a medium size milk bone for us.  She put half in my day crate, and half in Andy's play pen.  I wanted to get at it, but Mommy said I had to wait till she left.  Finally, she let me in.  Andy was doing his circus walk for his.  He is part human. He can walk on back legs for a long time. I wonder if there are any other Eskies who human walk dance? 
Mommy said we desperately need to be groomed, but Mommy says we must earn more green dollars; so, I am helping Mommy with a new blog.  I read about a lady who moved to France by writing a blog.  Funny, a human who can earn green papers simply by writing. I told Mommy she should write a blog with my name. I like the name, "Words from a Welsh person," or "Sayings from Sylvie."  If y'all can think of any catchy names, let me know. It is hard being the intellectual doggie. Andy is plenty smart, but he prefers to tell the other doggies that he is Mommie's man dog.
During my time away, Hootie and I adopted a puppy named Baby Sylvie. I don't have any good pictures because Mommy said, "no." She says I am to woolly, and I want to show y'all what I look like. So, for now, you will just have to imagine what we look like. Andy is acting funny now, so I have to go and make sure he is not getting something I am not.
Sally Ann Phillips


  1. OMD YOU and HOOTIE have ADOPTED??? We did not know that... WE want PICTURES of Baby Sylvie and the PROUD PARENTS!!

    We think this is the FURST Blogville Adoption EVER.

    PeeS... Please tell Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie that We got the green papers safely delivered to our buddy Benny. THANK them fur us too, please.

  2. WE WANT PICTURES MOM!!!!!! NOW. How about "Pupper Ramblings by Sally Ann", that stuff always makes for an interesting read!

    The Mad Scots

  3. In our house Andy's circus dance is called "Polar Bear!" I do it the best and can turn in circles and go backward.

    Congratulations on your adoption! We bet Baby Sylvie is beautiful and will grow up a perfect pup! We cannot wait to see photos of all of you!

    Another blog sounds like lots more responsibility, Sally Ann. Don't overdo; you have such a heavy load already.

  4. Hootie is very proud to have adopted Baby Sylvie with you Miss Sally Ann. HOWEVER, I must report to you that your husband has been a very naughty boy as of late. He is drinking gallons of water while down at our home dog park and he has peepeed on the floor twice since we have been back from our road trip back east. Mommy says he is showing NO remorse at all. Since he guzzles so much water at our dog park his urine is almost like water, so at least it doesn't stink! BOL. Anyway, Sally Ann, would you please talk to him and tell him that he must change his ways as Mom is getting upset with him.
    AireKisses from your SIL,


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