Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello we have been away

Hi from Atlanta.  We are here, and Mommy has a new computer; so, she has no reason to not help us with our blog.  We are here. We are here. We need to be groomed badly, so Mommy said no pictures of us.  I currently look like a wholly Airedale puppy, and Andy's biscuit cream colors are more biscuit cream than white.  Our adventures have consisted of going to visit the pizza truck, watching Mommy try to vacuum; but, the beast died.  Dying vacuum cleaner beast make horrible sounds.  I think Andy's furs killed the vacuum.  Did y'all know that my big brother Mack went through four or five vacuums. American Eskimo dogs have lots of hairs, and they can kill vacuum cleaner monsters.  Mommy tried switching our doggie food.  I have an iron stomach, but American Eskimos don't.  Andy was sick for three days, and he had lots of pepto.  His main was pink.  Andy looked like he had been dyed pink.  He was quite funny to look at.  He did not feel well.  He recovered, but Mommy learned a lesson. We only eat Blue Buffalo sensitive stomach dog food. I have to sit by Mommy now, and I quite enjoy my Mommy time.
Your wholly Welsh lady friend,
Sally Ann


  1. Sounds like you guys have been having some real adventures right at home!

    The Mad Scots

  2. I have missed you and I am glad you are back. I am sorry about the sickies and hope things are good now.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. You have been missed, dear ones! I am so sorry to hear my special man has been having tummy troubles. I am glad is is feeling better now. The White Dog Army regularly kills vacuum cleaners...if you think one well groomed Eskie (your brother) causes death screams imagine what six VERY hairy extra long coated ones can do! BOL!

  4. WOW you KILLED VACULA ???? BRAVO... would you be willing to kill the one at our house?

    Sorry about Andy's sickies...

  5. I'm with Frankie...YEA!! Vacula is dead!!! Though, you knows the Moms always gets NEW vaulas, so...
    You should see ME!! Ma's been threatin' a B.A.T.H. for a week now...
    Sorry abouts Andy. That is just no funs! Ma is lucky, she's able to give me tablets cause I actually CHEW them up! She considers herself very pink mess. Thou, I thinks it might be funs to get it all overs! BOL
    Ruby ♥


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