Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Multi - faceted blog post

Hello Blog world, we are here, and we have stuff to say.  Mommy has been procrastinating, so she said tonight we would write. I, of course, dictated everything to Mommy. I always proofread before it is posted.
Well, we have been busy.  Mommy had to go to Ikea last week, and she came home with two ratties.
Well, do you notice a difference between the two. My esteemed brother, Andy, decided his rattie had two legs to many. So, he chewed two off of his. His rattie now has only two legs. His is gray, and mine is brown. 
This is further proof of the legless state of his rattie. Notice how the brown rat has all four legs in the picture.  Well, just before Mommy and I started writing our post tonight, somebody, whom shall remain nameless, chewed off two legs of my rat.
I think my rat tried to run away from me, I don't know why. I only chew on the rats to show my love. I really don't see the problem.
I finally received my new collar. It still needs to be engraved with my name, but it is mine. The collar is way older than I am.  Mommy says I could be from the 1920's. That's a lot in doggie years.
The collar even has the original lock attached to it. It might not be an antique, but it is sure shinny.
Andy is a bit glum because his honory pack lost of their senior members. This senior member was very very sick, and it was really really really sad. It still is, but things won't always be sad. I don't really have a good photo of him, so I'm going to use a picture of my big brother to represent him. They looked very similar, as they were both bigger than standard Eskimo dogs.  Did y'all know a standard Eskimo dogs should weight about 20 pounds. Andy never really ask Quinn how much he weighted, but I think he was about 27 pounds after he put on his healthy weight when he was rescued.
I have to go now because it is almost time for Siberia on NBC. Mommy and I love watching it. I want to get a good spot on the big bed to see the television. My little girl is going potty outside now, and she is not wearing diapers anymore. She is a bit shy, but I'll see if I can tempt her with Ice Cream. I think I'll ask Mommy for some tonight!
Sally Ann Phillips


  1. Well you guys have a good time watching your show, yep ice cream is in order. Tell Andy we are sorry for his lost, and to a;ways remember his buddy, and keep rattie safe!

    The Mad Scots

  2. We were very much sorry to hear that Andy has lost an honorary packmate.

    OMD the Ratties will NOT be able to Race Away from you now.. THAT is a good thingy RIGHT?

    Can't wait to see BABY PICTURES...

  3. Lovely Sally Ann!! You've done a great job snoopervising this post! Yay!

    We send comfort hugs to sweet Andy!

    Enjoy your show with mum and your ratties! take care

  4. I like your ratties and I think its better that they don't have all their legs. They can't run off now.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Andy just wanted to make sure the ratties did not scurry away and hide! Boyz are like that, they problem-solve but without incredible elan! But it was done with a good heart. Speaking of good hearts, thank you for sharing our sadness about Quinn. He was very very sick and he had to go to heaven but we still miss him. You are right when he was at his healthiest he weighed 33lbs. but as he got sick he began losing weight even though he still was eating. Our vet said that happens sometimes. And please tell Mommy to say YES to ice honor of Andy's packmate...Quinn LOVED ice cream!

  6. Hi there, I think any rat would be better with just two feet-ha, I don't like them as much as I like snakes. Hunter says any stuffie was a squeaker is good for him. I haven't heard about this show before-I will have to watch for it. I love watching any shows on Alaska-they have huskies there but they are Alaskan huskies/sled dogs.
    Sorry about Andy's buddy.
    Have a great day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  7. So much to post about, you did a great job dictating and proofreading!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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