Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Library Stuff

Hello Blogville, Tis I, your hardworking Welsh librarian, Sally Ann. I am wearing my Belle outfit here. Isn't dressing up fun? Oh, I know, this is not library stuff; but, ok, I have a problem.

Mommy doesn't have adobe Photo shop(I don't know what that is, but she seems concerned that she can't help me make up library cards),  and she wanted me to ask y'all if anyone had any suggestions for programs to make library cards.

Sally Ann Phillips


  1. Hey Sally Ann!
    Wow, you look adorable and yellow is definitely a good color for you! Not sure how to help with library Mom uses Word a lot.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  2. OKAY..... We have you down fur being the court reporter/recorder gal... That will help Judge a LOT... and the JURY too... THANKS
    Now about those Library Cards... remember that OUR MOM was the head librarian fur the elementary schools fur 12 of her teaching years... When she started .... NONE of the books were Automated.... and they all had RECIPE Cards... the kidlets just wrote their name on them... MOM had to write the BOOK title and author on the tops of each one... and they were in a Card Pocket in the Back of every book... you could use THAT method...
    OR... you could Google Library Supplies and see if they are even available any longer...

  3. PEE S you look LOVELY in YELLOW.... Hootie must adore that outfit...

  4. I'd ask Dory - I know she knows some websites dat has photoshoppin-type stuff.

  5. Hey Sally Ann Lookin' good gurl!
    Nows, Arty did a series of 'Art Lessons' on their bloggie abouts how to do the photo magic are the links:

    Just copy and paste them into your address bar, and it'll take you right to the lessons! Or you can go to their bloggie (Dory's Backyard), and find them there...they were in Feb and March I think.
    You can do a Google Image search for images of Library Cards and change them howevers you want them!
    If you needs more help, just email me!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Yes Dory had super instructions for a program called pizap.
    Dory has a tab you can click on for lessons. We followed
    and found it super easy. I have photoshop 11 and have never used it cause I can't figure anything out. Big waste of $ as far as I am concerned when there are so many free sites out there. Even Picmonkey is a good one too.
    Linda and Cinnamon


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