Monday, June 22, 2015

Library Memberships are up

I am quite the happy Welshie. Our library memberships are increasing, and there are many doggies checking out books. We even have a section on Cats. Don't you want to know sometimes about kitties, and when you try to talk to them; then, they just run away or try to hurt you. Well, if I have learned anything from Mommy, when one is unsure - research, research, research. That is Mommies approach to many problems. Looking for a new job, find a book on job searching(their too many out there; but, I won't digress), or looking for a Middle English dictionary, find a book(currently, Mommy is reading the Cantabury tales to me and Andy - I like the sound of woulde and coulde and such). So, I present the section on cats. If you need to know anything about these little animals, here you are. Some of you have kitty brothers and sisters, and you know lots; but, there are some like me and Andy who know nothings.

Ta - dah
Sally Ann the librarian


  1. OMD OMD WE just gotted his WONDERFUL BOOK in the MAIL today.... called Dachshunds fur Dummies.... I (Frankie Furter) think it is all about ERNIE... BaaaaWaaah... BUTT SERIOUSLY.... it is WONDERFUL FANGTASTIC...
    Ernie wants to know if there REALLY are books about BACON.... we have heard that around town, butt didn't know if it was a Blogville Legend or not.
    We Love the KITTY CAT section... Do you suppose there is one about our Famous Mayoress Emeritus Madi?

  2. How do I gets a Library Card??? I wants to learn all this FABulous stuffs!!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. we got our cards today and will be looking into some books soon

  4. Hmmmm...books on cats you say? Anything on how to say...get rid of them???? Just asking.
    Wallace and Samuel

  5. Mom is big into library stuff so she wants to get us cards!!!

  6. We need a library card! Great job on the library!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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