Thursday, February 16, 2012

Princess Isis

A Valentine wrap up.

I had an amazing adventure with my Hootie, and Andy and Siku had a fun. I wanted to write to ask y'all to go to

Her Mommy, Daddy, fur-brother, Human Sister, Human Brother in law, Her baby nephew, and her grand parents love her very much. She doesn't have cancer, but she has the same thing that made my brother sick. She has a lesion issue like my brother Mack. She still has good times, but she isn't feeling well allot of the time. I'm just a little Welsh girl with a one and half year old Eskimo brother. I can't do much being a wee girl, but I know there are others out there that can help. I just thought I would ask.
Sally Ann


  1. Awww glad you had a most wonderful adventure lovely Sally Ann!

    We send your gorgeous friend Princess Isis lots of purrs and hugs. We clicked over and said hello! Take care

  2. We went over to Princess Isis blog. We hope that she can be cured of this lesion issue.
    Hootie & BabyRD

  3. Thanks so much for posting for us Sally , but unfortunately nothing can be done to fix miss isis. We won't do prednisone because of all the horrible side affects- not something we would want her on long term and she would have to be. Actually our vet didn't even suggest it- she is on glycoflex which is a joint supplement. She likes that a lot. It helps a little.

  4. Sally Ann, you may be just one wee Welsh girl but you just did a VERY BIG thing by asking your friends to send some words of happiness and hope and help to a beautiful pup in need. That was a marvelously generous thing to do. Isis is a friend of ours and we know she loves to know she has not been forgotten.Thank you.

    Andy, we are all looking forward to your visit...especially me.

  5. It is always so sad to hear about furfriends who are not well.
    We send Isis all our good thoughts over the pond.
    Thank you for visiting our blog Sallie Ann.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts while I was ill this past weekend! I appreciated it!

  7. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I am always sad to hear it wen a fur-person issent well. I am sending her lots ov good vibes., I will do a speshol frolic for her.

    Pleez say hullo to Charlie and Taddy for me. I bet they will send healing hugs too.

  9. Sounds like Mommie isn't fond of living and breathing white floof covered everything! She probably would not want the White Dog Army to visit right now; we leave tumbleweeds of white in our wake. Momma says that there are even white furs in her coffee in the morning (maybe that is because YoYoMa always has a drink hahahaha)! Hope all is well with you and your family. Tell Mommie if it gets too white there, you could always come to the White Dog Ranch until shedding season passes...what is one more at our house, right?

  10. Andy, I would think you were the cutest pup ever if you were white, black, green, or rainbow! It is your wonderful kind ways and gentle spirit that make me glad we are special friends.

  11. Dearest Andy,
    I look forward to receiving your Easter note which you know I will treasure and keep under my pillow. Does your family celebrate the traditional holidays of Passover or Easter? We like to prepare a picnic and go out into the wilds to celebrate Spring and to renew ourselves with a day away from all of the normal demands of life in the city.

    Your momma was very wonderful to find Sally Ann at the shelter and give her such a great life. Sally Ann is a terrific sister and kind-hearted pup.

    My family has pledged to adopt senior or disabled dogs(did you know that they hardly EVER find second chances and usually die homeless). If you move out here maybe we could find a lovely little old auntie dog to watch over.

    You are such a sweet and compassionate boy, Andy! I smile every time I think of you. Please send me your latest photo. Always, Siku Marie, THE White Dog

  12. Thank you for the tip about sugar helping Quinn's seizures. I did a little research and you are absolutely right, and we can use honey as well (which is Steve's sweetener of choice so we always have some). We are still so new to this whole routine and in fact, are still working to see if Gabapenten is going to be strong enough, so we appreciate the wisdom of your experiences. Thanks Andy and Sally Ann mommmy, we appreciate your help and friendship.


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