Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sally Ann the Cook

Mommy and I cooked today.

First we made the dough sticker.

Then we put the dough on the trays.

I had to tell Mommy the proper way to put the cookies on the tray.

After all, they are doggie cookies, and I do qualify as a doggie. Well, sometimes, but most of the time, I am Mommy's princess.

I get to lick the spoon

Mack gets to lick the spoon also.

Now, the oven.

It was a really long wait, but they came out ready to be eaten.

I even let Sally May smell them. She is wearing her special Christmas collar.

Next, we put them in the press in seal wrap, and were done.

Mommy has given me a new back pack. She got it at a Christmas party tonight.

I'm tired from cooking, so I am going to rest now. It is hard to help Mommy cooking.

Mommy found some special Christmas ornaments, but I ask her to wait until I could help her show them off. So, Tomorrow.

Sally Ann


  1. What helpful little mamas helpers you are!
    I know you were a big help. I think licking the spoon and sampling is the most fun part!
    I love your festive clothes and those adorable faces!

  2. Hi, Sally Ann!
    Sure you are the best helper your mom could have!
    And I know those cookies are delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Yayyy for all the cookies. I'm sure you were a great help in the kitchen. We can't wait to see the ornaments your Mom made.

    Teddy Bear

  4. COOKIES! I can smell them here. Watch out for the oven, it is most hot and could singe your little beardie. I don't know about that backpack. You are meant to be adored, not a beastie of burden.


  5. that was SOOO adorable! we loved all the pictures --we really love your expression on the 4th picture--what a sweet little face!!

  6. You are INDEED a princess Sally Ann! And that pink looks so pretty on you! I just know those are gonna be some deelishuz cookies!

  7. We help in the kitchen also. Mostly, we help Muzzer trip. She would like a GOOD helper like you, Sally Ann.

    gussie n teka

  8. What a wonderful kitchen helper you are! We are very impressed at how patient you were too.
    We loved your back pack - perhaps you could stash a few cookies in there.
    Sally May looked very pretty in her xmas collar.
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxx

  9. You are such a good snoopervisor, Sally Ann! Thank you, soooo much, for coming to see us! And for all the goodies! Mom just loooves her pillow and Dad will be getting his feetys soaked later today. We haven't stopped playing with our new toys and believe it or not, they are all still whole and squeaky! We haven't destroyed ANY of them...yet! The toggens are VERY yummy!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  10. Did you get to taste the cookies after all your hard work??? They looked yummy.

    Jake and Just Harry

  11. I love your cooking apron, Sally look just like a Master Chef! The cookies turned out beautifully; I hope they are extra tasty. Licking the spoon after cooking is one of my favorite parts. Mack doesn't cook?

  12. Yum! What delicious looking cookies! And you even got to lick the spoon, consider yourselves lucky, that doesn't happen over here...
    Have a great snooze...

  13. What a great helper you are, Sally Ann! We love licking the spoon too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch


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