Thursday, November 5, 2009

Very good news!

Mommy spoke to her friend today, and he told Mommy that Keegan has been saved. So one day he will become somebodies big dog. He will be a big boy, but now he will be somebodies big precious boy. Mommy has been quite worried about him. Thank y'all so much for your warm wishes and thought for him and his friends. I came from a place where thankfully, I was never in that situation. I sure love my Mommy, and I am so glad that she found so quickly. I was only up for adoption for 20 minutes. Mommy came in wanting only a white dog with two black eyes, and a little nose. Remind you of someone:

This is what she picked up 7 days later after I had been spayed:
Mommy can't find the pictures of me when I first arrived, so these will have to do. I've known my Mommy since I was 8 weeks old. I feel lucky.

Onto happier news:
Teddy Bear updates
1.Op resting with Teddy
2 Op pack with Teddy
3 Zim looking lovingly at Bear

It looks like the northern dogs are in the lead, but there are several photos fighting for fourth place. Please vote, this is second round of voting. I am trying to get Mommy to put Max, the South African - American Golden; but, perhaps y'all could convince her. Mommy said something about it being a second round thing, but y'all could try.

Kitty and I had a play date today, and she was very jealous of my new collar. She doesn't have a beau, so if there are any single Boston doggies out there; she would love to have an e-meet.

Your Welsh Friend,
Sally Ann


  1. Sally Ann
    That is most excellent news about Keegan.
    I'm so happy that you had youw mommi find the two of you. She must be a vewy special hooman wif a big heawt
    I hope you find that boston boyfwiend
    smoochie kisses

  2. Great news about Keegan - the power of the paw rules.

    We actually told Max yesterday to submit that pic - it sure is a great pic.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Grrrrreat news!

    I understand a mom going to a shelter fur one thing and finding another!

    That's how I ended up HERE!

    Good lukhk to the khount test ants!


  4. BTW, I meant to paw my two cents on Max:


    Please khount his entry!


  5. Wooos I am happy the little guy has found a furever home. woos go out to him! I am sure your Mommy is thrilled that woo tow found her too!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. I love to hear happy news like this. It makes my heart feel good to know doggys got good homes.

  7. Oh hooray for Keegan!

    The pictures of baby Sally Ann melted my fuzzy little heart even more!

  8. What good news about Keegan! And good luck to Kitty in finding a Boston beau! We bet she will!

    Love ya
    Jake and Fergi

  9. Hey there guys
    We are really happy about your friend Keegan.
    Mom says 'thank you' for putting up the pictures of Max (Me). Although she has put in her votes for your competition, she's been a little out of the frey by it all. Those photos of Max(Me) and the Stuffies were only taken on Wednesday morning, so she thought she was a bit late for this competitions. Anyway...thank you for putting them up.

  10. That is just the best news ever about Keegan! Sally, you were a beautiful baby!

  11. Great news about Keegan! I hope his forever home is as wonderful as yours is. And I say, the more the merrier for the contest! Please count Max's entry.

  12. You were exactly the puppy that mom needed and there at just the right time. That is how momma got her little Pi dog. She went to the pound to ask after a stray that master had picked up and he was gone, but they said, "oh, this little girl just got here" and she went home with momma and master.


  13. What great news about Keegan!:)

    Teddy Bear

  14. I am so happy for Keegan too!
    Your puppy pictures are adorable!
    Kisses and hugs


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