Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I made a mistake

I just had one of those good cookies, and then I remembered something. I told Mommy, and she said, "you can fix it, your a big boy."My friend Siku sent me the wonderful pressies, and I thought that Benny, Hansel, Tesla, and Isis sent it. So, I want to thank them for the fun contest, and my friend Siku for the wonderful pressies.
Opps, Sorry,


  1. Well done, Mack!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hi
    My mom FINALLY sent you some Paw it forward stuff. I told her I was going to take it myself if she didn't mail it! Hope it gets there soon. Sounds like you have a lot of stuff coming to your house.


  3. You're so computer savvy!!


  4. Friends are the best! I know you're enjoying those yummy cookies, I can tell by your picture, Mack.:)

    Teddy Bear

  5. No matter how you got them, mail pressies are the best!! I love getting them.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. Oops. Hey, it happens. Good thing you are handy with the pooter.


  7. Samba likes to play with my keyboard, but her feet are so big that she hits all the keys at once and nobody can read it. So she has me to do her typing.

  8. Mack, I hope you like the prizes! You know each one of the gifts were from a special cause: the toys from our local no-kill shelter's charity auction, the Cookies from Dugan's Barkery who supports Dogs for Vets, and the book for your mom from Canine Cancer Awareness...so you are helping needy furfriends will you enjoy your prizes. I personally helped design your certificate!

  9. Oh, Mack. We all make mistakes. You were a big boy to clear it up. Now it's not a mistake any more. Just a misunderstanding that is now understood!

    Enjoy those cookies! We know they must be yummiliscious!
    Jake and Fergi

  10. Oh dear...now Mack, we do that kinda stuff all the time...see, ya fixed it...good job!!!

    As for those pics on ur last post with Max and the stuffies??? We sooooo woulda eaten them ALL!!!!!!!

    Flirty kisses,


  11. Pressies are the best. Specially when they come in the mail. Siku is such a wonderful pal to send pressies.


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