Friday, April 17, 2015

Andy Stanley, the grown up man dog

This post is all about my little brother, Andy Stanley. He became an official Santa dog this Christmas, and he disappeared on Christmas Eve; then, he returned early the next morning. He never really explained. All I know is, he brought me a beautiful new couture coat when he returned. 

Also, do you know that my brother could be an expert crate racer. Yes, I said "crate racer." My little brother can pop the pan out of the crate, and then move the crate to where ever he sees fit. He can walk the crate to the door. When Mommy comes home, he is there to meet her.

Andy is loved, but it is a great responsibility to a big sister and man sitter(if I say baby sitter, then he gets a bit miffed). Andy has fiance, many of you know her and her pack. Andy's beloved, and her pack look  just like him.  They are all white and fluffy.

Wow, I must go and make sure all is well. I don't want a certain man dog getting my tennis's balls.
Sally Ann Phillips


  1. Not thats funny...a create racer....Barharhar....yep better hide them tennis bals!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Sally Ann, you have the most awesome brother ever (well, except for my brothers who are pretty cool, too)! Andy is the light in my sky and I wear his special proposal on my collar close to my heart. He is certainly an important member of the Southern Brigade of the White Dog Army...and you are all part of my family of future inlaws. I am so lucky!

  3. Hi Sally Ann, You certainly have a very talented brother; to think he might have been the one to deliver all of Hunter's presents.
    I'm going to read your past posts and look forward to getting to know you and Andy.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  4. Its good to see your cute faces!

  5. We saw your mama's post about Andy The Crate Racer on FaceBook. Made our mommy laugh like a crazy woman. We never heard of such a thing until that post. Andy is quite clever.
    XX-BabyRD & Hootie

  6. Marcus is NOT allowed to read this post. He gets in enough trouble. He does not need to learn the crate pan can be popped. :)


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