Friday, May 25, 2012

The Mayor's Day

As the librarians of blogville, we think Frankie and his little brother Ernie deserve to be honored.   We are two little southern dogs who like to read, and because of our beloved German mayor; then, we are in charge of the library. So, in short, Frankie, you one great and kind big little man dog.
Sally Ann and Andy


  1. OH Sally Ann and Andy.... THANK YOU fur your kind words. They are Real PAGE TURNERS... THAT is a Book Lovers Funny fur you!!!

  2. Hi Sally Ann and Andy
    It's me Allred. That idiot Bert has gone to church so I am taking it upon myself to answer your question because if he did it would be a colored lie about me.

    First, Your Aunt Betty sounds like my kind a girl. The scary part is just our way of keeping control over the rest of you.

    As far as how many dogs I live with.....well it is a never ending number of num nuts. Yes, it was my choice to move into a seemed like a warm place that cold winter night.

    Little did I know it was a doggy day care/kennel. Flip, dogs everywhere all the time.

    Berts My Vickie, who I allow to live here in reletive peace (meaning I don't bite or scare her. I do however like to see her get all upset when I bring a mouse in the house in the middle of hte night)

    She still trains search and rescue dog teams but doesnt work well with people so she stopped doing the general obedience training.

    The place I have chosen to live in is all right, but I must maintain control at all times, so making them fear me seems to be working.

    you can read about my home at

    Whew.....I sure did take up a lot of space talking didn't I. I don't usually talk this long.

    Take care

  3. They sure are awesome! Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Sally Ann Thanks for visiting me. I had to think for a while what my favorite human G name is. I guess it would be Gabe.


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